WTS various assets including rare skins big collection with big discount save over 35b!

https://evepraisal.com/a/ml0uz skin collection needs going - no lowball offers

Scorpion ishukone watch skin - 35b

https://evepraisal.com/a/ml0sd - various sub caps- located in siseide - SOLD

setelles magnetic field stabs x 2 -8.5b each

erebus rigged with tri 60b - SOLD

erebus with hypers - 58b - bas ks

2 x aeons rigged ( one has fighters too ) sold

Pm me with offers or trades

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You can contract the subs to me, ‘Fazzy Star’
I will accept it within 12 hours


What rigs on Aeons? And location plz.

basgerin and t2 tris

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[quote=“Kristina_Akachi, post:1, topic:166390”]
aeons rigged ( one has fighters too ) open to offers on those and the titans 100 mill per aeon


to the tops lots left!!

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selling skins only at once or also single one?

I can do them separately

need good price for hel skins :slight_smile:

message me ingame with good offers :smiley:

Mailed you regarding some skins

to the top!!

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bump will trade skins for purps ships and other shineys

110b for all the skins pm me !!!