[WTS] - Various Capital (Equipment) and Station Equipment and Orca BPO's

I can spend 10k to give you the chance to prove everyone wrong.

Your contract is up in Jita 4-4 Achura Deteis

@Achura_Deteis still a chance to prove everyone wrong. Will you claim your contract?

If anyone wants the Orca’s, please let me know. They are up for lolz to Achura.

Achura will not claim, but she still has the chance to prove me wrong. But I guess she not even playing anymore, just forum trolling.

Start of the weekend upper

Bulk deals available, contact me.

Grab some BPO’s for a few isk

Hangar Cleanups

The weekend is here, is this the weekend you decided to start your career as an Orca dealer?


Originals available

Selling some BPO’s

Open for negotiation and offers. Post here or send mail

Availability will be a bit less for a few weeks, due to upcoming summer.

Less availability, but not unavailable