WTS Your perfect dream character! [1 Day remain][No current bid]

Bump - your new main character ready to go.

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Too the top :parrot:


Too the top =)

Anyone looking for a perfect foundation to start a new main from? Slide in my dms ;>


Your new main, ready to go =)

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To the top =)

Your character sale should be starting to be a concern. Injector sales are slowing down markedly (RIP my SP farms), even with traders trying to keep it high. Your previous offer of 170B is a small few B away from the cost of replicating this character. By Febuary, guessing you’ll be looking at 150B or less.

Good luck - this was always going to be high risk/high reward.

The cost of replicating this is >300b. And i dont really care about the Injector/Extractor w/e prices. Im selling a character here. =)

Kind regards

You’re selling a character but certain aspects of a character are what determines its value, total SP as extraction value being the biggest one. It’s like people forgot just how dirt cheap characters were pre skill injectors, extraction value + a percentage for its specialisation and implants etc is more than a fair value.

In case people weren’t aware, pre injectors, SP was valued at about 400m per 1m SP if you were lucky.

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I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say, but thanks for the free bump

That you’re vastly overestimating the value of the quirky character you made and will have this thing for sale until the servers shut down unless you value it more realistically.

Still unsure what you’re trying to convey? We are in a post injector area and injectors are not going to be removed again, so there is no reason to argue with pre-injector prices. The pricing is pretty straight forward and should reflect the value of this char - starting at 170b.

Some advice:

If you’re looking to auction off anything, you need to set a starting price and you need to set a date for when the auction ends. Without an end-date (i.e. - without a guarantee that you’re going to sell the character at some price above or equal to the aforementioned starting price), there’s little incentive to participate in the auction—you’ll just sit there going “Thanks for the offer, but no” until the price gets to what you want it to be.