WTS Your perfect dream character! [120b current bid]

100b ingame offer received, transfer will be initiated as soon as the money and info is there.

This was fun to see the price go down over time.


so far no isk received, character sale still pending. i suppose if you want to overmatch it, i am open for offers.

I’ll match the 95b you originally accepted. Valid for 72 hours.

thanks for the bid.

i have an ingame offer right now as of 100b which i accepted aswell, but no action so far from the buyer. ill wait for some more days and see if he follows up on it or not.

Alright, the dude offering 100b retracted his bid, saying other people advised him I’d “be scamming”.

Honestly, so far this selling process has been miserable and I personally hate working with clowns. On top,a price of 95b is laughable low, so I don’t have the muse to deal with such people plus getting ■■■■ isk on top for it.

Sorry for the ones who are serious traders, have isk ready and respond/send stuff over in time. I hope you’ll get what you’re looking for.

This char will go into the archives and collect dust - seems more worthy to me than to waste my time over and over.


Well if you change your mind 95b may still be possible in the future. Mail me if that’s the case, don’t check this alt much though so be patient for a reply if you can be.

Excuse my absence, thanks to the wonderful flooding in Australia I have been without power or access to my belongings for a better part of a week and hadn’t checked up on this beforehand.

Upon my return my bid still stands with ISK waiting.

Unfortunately until I’m allowed access back into my area I cannot proceed so unless someone actually follows through with their bid in the meantime I will be watching.

Sorry again and cheers.

If the pandemic ends before this thread closes, you should just terminate this character. Don’t even bother extracting.


150 bil BO

Wait are you offering that price? Yooo looks like @Ke_anor1 might actually get a semi-good price for this character

Bid retracted


:laughing: well ok then. The wild ride continues

You all see why I did discontinue to push this thread? Bunch of not so serious people left and right. Ill continue to stop bumping - if people however see this by chance and come through with some good bid (150b I’d accept) I might be open to sell it.

I’m assuming if you discontinue to post, then after 3 months this thread closes and goes off grid and no-one sees it. Whilst I have no interest in buying, I have enjoyed the thrust and parry of this thread :sunglasses: oh and a free bump to-boot.

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Someone reached out and bid 120b, just for the record.

If anyone wants to bid closer towards 150 I might be enticed to sell it.

Aaaand if someone wants to know:
WhY dId YoU ACcePt 95b ThEn?

Well, the answer is simple: sometimes people need isk, and sometimes they don’t.

Kind Regards & stay healty

Haven’t you sold it yet?! You should have accepted my offer, lol

140b ok?

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Sure, please send the Isk and Account info over.