'You have a new item' or how do i waste the time of my devs the best way

I feel deeply sorry for you and share these deep feelings of hate against your parents.

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And i feel so sorry for you being stupid and one-dimensional and limited in your capability of understanding a text that you are only able to understand what is written there and not what is MEANT(a common problem these days)…

Ask teachers about it…you will understand.

This is turning into a GIGO subthread.

It’s hardly surprising, is it?

“I have decided that you did a thing and therefore I am right and you are wrong. Because I said so and my made-up reasons prove it”

Oh my ACTUAL God…

Be a better CEO.


And you know all there is to know about claiming ■■■■■■■■.

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I know where this is going. You better stop now before you become a dark lord.

He’s only a wannabe…

Like the person in the white house…


Also, inb4 lock for you attempting to bring RL politics into a game thread. Lul.

Laugh? I nearly shat


Forgot to point this out.

Admitting to being Balos. Good job.

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Jeeze this red dot is nearly as good as the gong loved by everyone in the player base. You had feedback on this and again you ignore your players Do the devs that play the game enjoy the red dots?


Please tell me there is a way of removing the red dot. It’s so distracting and pointless. I’m thumbing down on every log off until this arse pimple is cleared off.


Red dots (abscissa) vs. forum posts (ordinate). At least we agree on something :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Has this been made optional yet?

I just can’t be bothered to play and be harassed by it if it’s not!

I rate this thread a 7+

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Did this 2 months ago…

It’s you being late to the party…

Except for last week when you were saying “Who are these characters you speak to me of? I never hear of these people they are not me”