114 mil/sp player looking for new home null/low

Looking for an established Corp or Alliance to join. I have a lot of free time on my hands now and want to join a corp that has no drama.

Interested in blops and small gang pvp happy to fly cta and defense fleets.

Not into the whole blue donut crap.

I would also be open to joining a corp/alliance for faction warfare for Caldari as well.

~ Rebels and Renegades ~

Proud Memeber of Eternal Requiem

✪ Chill R.L.C.F. Group of mature people
✪ Hang-out oriented group
✪ Plenty of ISK making opportunities to fund PVP.
✪ PVP Oriented

Must be able to have fun, Like memes, BS on discord

Experienced Leadership with many years of 0.0 experience.

Check out our website if you would like to know more
Rebels and Renegades

come check us out o7
Down Under Syndrome is looking for any corporations looking to make piles of isk in the Placid/Syndicate region. We are also looking to recruit more PvP pilots to the executor corporation:(Occulus Rifts | Corporation | zKillboard)

Friendly drunkard and foul mouthed aussies
lots of moon mining
Safe space for lvl 5 missions
Well experienced fc
Ratting Space
Fleet pvp
roaming fleet

What we offer:
Over 50 BILLION per week in the most valuable moon mining opportunities
ACTIVE pvp fleets across 4 regions
Access to low sec AND null sec ores including crokite and arkonor
LOCAL market place used by the alliance as well as our allies
WELL MAINTAINED infrastructure and experienced leaders, each with more than 10 yrs experience
SRP program designed to keep you flying
Reliable Allies and a long standing reputation as being a dependable friend and a fearless foe

Must meet the minimum 20,000,000 (20M) SP requirement

Visit our Discord for more information if this opportunity sounds appropriate for your respective corporations

Home of the famous Friday Night Fights drunk fleets, we are an active and fun group of PVP-focused dudes from alll over the world. We grind hard to play hard! Industry-leading buyback program, highly active leadership, private rental systems for corp members (separate from the 100+ null systems available from alliance), private AND public moons, infinite PVP opportunities, including weekly PVP games with prizes, small gang to massive block fights, high sec ganking, alliance SRP, and BLOPS. Tired of not enjoying your game as much as you would like? App up! War Eagle Fleet - YouTube

Hey there,
We at astrum might be up ur alley.
We are located in deklein region.
No blue donut here. More looks like a small croissant. Pvp is always around the block and usnt that hard to find.
Pvp and fleets on daily basis alliance wide.
Corp wide as we are returning we are still looking for more ppl who arnt affraid to turn their guns to our enemies.
There are also chances of growing in the corp as there are even still a few director spots open.
If u want u can come and have a talk to us

Hi there!

I don’t have much to say as it’s already covered in my forum post but thought I might as well throw it out there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sounds like we could be a good match. We’re in the same alliance that @Rakeem_Muganni posted above but cater more to the EU/US timezone.

We’re a very laid back group with experience across all sectors of space and many 10+ year pilots. We’re mainly in lowsec but NPC null is 2 jumps away and we have several stations and active pockets out there, that being said Caldari FW aint too far away from us either if you want to roam that space.

What we offer

  • Mature player base with a “real life comes first” attitude
  • PVP - small and large fleet
  • Moon/Gas/Ice Mining
  • Black Ops
  • Manufacturing
  • Reactions
  • Experienced Leadership

What’s Required

  • Working microphone
  • Be able to speak and read/write English fluently
  • Omega Status
  • New to something? Not a problem.

I look forward to speaking to you o/

We would be interested in speaking with you :slight_smile:

Greetings and salutations
i see that we have all the thinks ure loking for
now i also see that there are a lot of ather ppl /corparations that whant to have some one like you whit that amound of skillpoint

now to be onest i just whant to know you
i wanne know what you like
what you like to do and
who you are

lets ahave a talk

we are not the best next ting but we trive to be and can use all the help we can get
so plz take a look and lets talk :slight_smile:
hope to see you on discord o7 fly save and have a blast

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