13m sp looking for corp - interested in EW & logi

Hi everyone, I played this game years ago and took a long break. I am getting back into the game and am looking to find a corp with mature, drama-free people. I play casually most nights but can easily commit to teaming up one or two nights a week (US EST).

I am really interested in EW/logi and am trained in Caldari ships.

Hey Vecordious,

Welcome back to eve. You would be a great fit over at JREX! We are a small gang to large fleet PvP and industrial orientated Corp that has lots of content right out of our door. We also mine together every day and many of us do it together. We are active from 1700-0630 eve time with players ranging from EUSTZ to USTZ. I hope you would join us and based on your interests, you would fit right at home.

We are also members of a pirate alliance called intergalactic space hobos! We have lots of good fights and great content happening everyday to from blops to roams to Gate camps to dread fights.

I have attached our recruitment thread below which has our discord so you reach us. We also have a public channel called “JREX REC” for all recruitment

Hey Vecordious,

Our corp lives in null-sec in a big alliance, in a bit coalition. There are many fleets forming each day, so enough possibility for a good fight. And logis are always welcome! We are a chill group, focused on having fun. Drama is not for us, we had drama in our previous corp and that made us all leave to avoid any of this. Right now we are just chilling, doing what we like while listening to some chill music and fooling around on discord. We do not have mandatory stuff, nor do we require players to be on certain times. Real life always comes first. Feel free to check us out!
Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

Welcome back to Eve Vecordious, Therapy is a corporation inside Evictus. We live in deep nullsec so working together is important. We run daily fleets so there is always something to do as well as ratting/mining/industrial activities as well. If you interested Drop by our in game public channel: Therapy Public or check out our discord and have a chat. https://discord.gg/6EAJuHp

Good look at we will see you soon

Sent message in game o7

Hello, maybe you will be interested to join us.

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