14.8M SP (UKTZ) Pilot looking for a new home. (LowSec)

So without getting into too much detail, I’ve lost my sense of belonging in EVE. Looking for a tight-knit group in low-sec to pew pew and learn with. Most of my SP is focused into PVP. I have 2 other characters.

we defend a bit of low sec … there is allways someone to pew pew

contact me ingame or join our public channel tonight



Are you dead set on low-sec?

If you fancy giving null a go, FUN inc is recruiting!

Come and check us out >> we are small gang pvpers in EU TZ.

@Callum_Perkins would you consider null? I got a great group of guys who will help you pew and learn. Find me on discord if you want to hear more rangerwolfy#4987

Hey there. I run a FW corp in lowsec. My gang is low key and growing. We do mostly small gang when I’m not mentoring my pilots on how to fly. My recruitment add if you’re interested.

Hopefully you find your place again.

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