154M industrial, pve recently returned. Looking for a new home

Hi @Ravihnsf,

Although we market ourselves as a PvP corp, we also have a strong industrial core and infrastructure to support it. If you are looking for ice or moon mining, reactions, invention, research, manufacturing, or drug-making, we’ve got you covered. For more active PvE, we also run abyssal sites as a team and we have an invasion fleet.

You will always be welcome to participate in our PvP fleets, but it is not mandatory. If we have a call for defense, we ask people to do what they can (and we don’t give people a hard time if they can’t) and we supply / replace ships where necessary and having industrialists in-corp helps us to support each other and grow as a team.

I’d like to invite you to check out our ad and join us on discord for a chat.

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