21MSP Mining pilot & 6.2MSP industry pilot

We are two separate pilots but we do come as a pair. Both are returning pilots. We are looking for an active Corp with a friendly relaxed attitude that we can help not just be another number. Prefer and Indy/Mining corp but will make an exception for the right fit.

Greetings , we are a relaxed hisec corp with awesome support to miners and industrialists. Check our Recruitment thread: Naabal thread

If interest or need more info plz send me a game mail or join Naabal comms

Check your inbox

o/ John

I think you and your bud would be the perfect fit for us in Dark 0rder. We are an extremely relaxed corp built for casual players so there are no activity requirements. We also get alot of returning players and are extremely proficient at getting you caught back up to new game mechanics n such.

We operate in sov nullsec and have our own corp industry programs as well as a corp owned C5 wormhole space where we can quickly fill up your wallets to get back into the actual fun stuff. Wormhole training and pvp training are included :smiley:

Check out more information here:

It says 25m SP minimum but if your interested in what we have to offer just hop into our discord and tell the recruiter Atreon Sek’Hyren sent you.

if you want a relaxed irl comes first corp you should check out the Ashfell Celestial family.
We reside and operate in nullsec wh-space aswell as lowsec and nullsec. We focus on Industry pvp and pve.

We operate more along the lines of irl comes first and are a big family where everyones opinion counts and is considered/valued.
We have the usual benefits of corps SRP boosted mining loyalty points etc.
Aswell as for industrialists a complete BPO library to produce for the corp and for yourselves.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Send me a ingame mail! or answer here ^^

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