239mill SP character been inactive 7 months


Looking for a new experiance in eve after being inactive for 7 months when CCP went nutz with there changes to nullsec which is my main reason for playing EvE.

Looking for a new oppertunity that can suit my availability and game play style:

What I’m looking for:
Nullsec Only… i dont have any desire for High or Wormholes… might consider lowsec with the changes.
Real Life first is the main aspect as sometimes i dont have time for games.
Activity between rougly 1600-2100 EvE as i start work at stupid o clock and need my mega beauty sleep the older i get .
Activity - I’m quite shy but once i get to know people i like people to be around
Mixture of PvP and PvE… im one of those weirdos that enjoys running Anoms when not doing anything

What can I offer:

Reasonably experiance pilot… I’ve played the game on and off since 2004
Number of pilots if CCP makes it worth subbing them all 65mill+ SP
Active on Comms
Fleets in my time zone.

Overall just looking to enjoy the game again and join a community that appriciates peoples time.



Heya man, have a read about us and swing by if you think we’ll be a match.

Always recruiting

you are welcome with us

Hi Hezie99

Welcome back

If you can consider a pvp orientated alliance that operates from Pochven please have a look at our latest recruitment banner below. There you can get an idea of what we do and whatnot

Or you can see our latest vid below

Hope to hear from you


Heya H :slight_smile:

I saw you haven’t jumped to another corp yet so I wanna give it a shot =) Then again not sure what space you are looking for other than nullsec, hehe. And I agree with you on the WH/HS part, alot =)

If you wanna do some reading, we have our corp recruit thread HERE. I guess it’s better you read there if you find below even slightly interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

So, UMAH, United Mining and Hauling Inc. I would say the name doesn’t really reflect on all our activities, and we let others sort our hauling mostly I guess, we do more than mining and hauling xD . But yea we resort to alot of things, we have pvp’ers, indy, miners, pve… pretty much the full spectrum. You were in Goons before so obviously you know ‘the drill’, some similarities in the mandatory stuff when signing up, we (Init) have a large infrastructure in Fountain, as for corp we have a smaller corp home in NPC nullsec not far from Fountain =)

So we are a mixed corporation, timezone and activities, a tiny tad stronger on the EU side memberwise but I’ll be damned if we can’t get it even more balanced, we are on a good way there I would say!

I go by 2 “guidelines” if you may say …
1) Never go the toxic route. We will never tolerate it, we are way to old for it and we have also seen too much of that crap on the internet, bullying and making especially young ppl get depressed. That ■■■■ gotta stop.

  1. Real life … I have one (4 kiddos, the lady and the work… ) and I see you have one aswell. So I will not demand you being online constant and you should not expect me to be online constantly :smiley: Even tho Im usually happy if I can help someone so, mostly I’m avail to pick up a discord call tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you want, hop into our ingame channel (UMAH_Pub), or better up … join our discord server :slight_smile:
Either way - welcome back to EVE, I think CCP is in a better direction and lets hope they continue on this path! And UMAH or not … I truly hope you find a place that suits you good!

Regards o7

we are a laid back corp located in scalding pass join our discord and see if we are a fit for you REPZ

hezie99, hi, we are a mature group, no drama/toxic ■■■■■■■■. We have fleets everyday, all timezones.
Our corp itself is based in Stain which offers high-end pve and a long term home. If interested, reach us via the Discord: STA'IN

Imperium Cartel is recruiting

SOV NULL Corp - In Brave Collective

  • Looking for Ratters, Miners and PvPers -
    :heard_and_mc_donald_islands: :eu: :us: EU/USTZ/AU :eu: :us: :heard_and_mc_donald_islands:

  • 16 Years + Leadership Team in EVE - Over 50 toons - Over 100 Active Members with the alliance.

We Offer:
-Real Life Comes First :white_check_mark:
-No annoying minimum PAP/FAT requirements :partying_face:
-Daily subcap, capital and supercapital fleets :white_check_mark:
-SIGs for reconnaissance, blops, small gang, whaling :white_check_mark:
-Ratting and Mining space :white_check_mark:
-Ship Replacement and Fleet Rewards :white_check_mark:
-SIG with daily fleets averaging 300m+ isk/hr :white_check_mark:
-Corp mining ops & PVP :white_check_mark:
and way, way more… (see link below)

  • People looking to progress in to areas :white_check_mark:
    5m Skill Points
    Omega Main
    60 days in game
    Comms (Mumble/Discord/Slack)

Join Cartel.Pub channel in-game for more info and a chat

Discord: Imperium Cartel.

More info: https: Imperium Cartel [Brave Collective] l

oke to be onset i can tell you all the same thing thay do but just look for ure self

i know you wil find what ure looking for

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