32 mil sp mothership pilot LF new home

hey im a returning player to eve, i can pilot minmatar, caldari and gallente HACs. a tengu/loki and gallente carriers and also own a nyx mothership. just looking to get back into the game

Hey mate would you be able to jump on our discord for a chat

Check us out.

Come and have a chat with us mate 🇬🇧 Extremely Active Corporation , Established NullSec Community, I-FED - Legacy -early EU time zone

sent you an in game mail

Hey dude
I’ll fire you an ingame message shortly!

Looking to learn WH space? We live in a C2 NS/C5 and offer WH and NS content. We have fun on our fleets and very active. Come check us out.

Come chat to us if you wanna use that Nyx instead of sitting docked or in a POS.

Hey Knifeparty GG,

Our corp lives in null-sec in the alliance Requiem Eternal, in the Legacy Coalition. There are many fleets forming each day with the wars going on, so enough possibility for a good fight. We are a chill group, focused on having fun. Drama is not for us, we had drama in our previous corp and that made us all leave to avoid any of this. Right now we are just chilling, doing what we like while listening to some chill music and fooling around on discord. We do not have mandatory stuff, nor do we require players to be on certain times. Real life always comes first. Feel free to check us out!
Hope to hear from you

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