329m SP (bitter?)vet looking for options

Hey Mashie,

I might have an interesting proposition for you, because our corp was formed out of the same frustrations you’re talking about: we forked out of Panfam because we were swimming in blues and headed out to NPC null before deciding to try something weird: we joined Provi-bloc.

“K, stopped reading,” I hear the voice in your head say. Not so fast.

What we’ve found is actually a great niche: we have plenty of content on our doorstep at medium scale (never enough for TiDi or super blobbing… more of the 50v50 bling battleship throwdowns that you might have got in the old days of null.

On top of that, we have zero blues outside of Providence, so we love to go nano roaming or take yeet filaments to just about anywhere. We like to fly T3Cs (bring back Slippery Petes) though the recent Loki & Legion nerfs have made that rough, Ikitursas & Drekavacs make regular appearances, but a lot of the time it’s good old fashioned pirate cruisers and nano cerbs.

Blops is something we haven’t done for a while, mostly because no one’s been running it but a lot of us can fly the battleships so there’s plenty of opportunity there (and plenty of ratting carriers and supers next door in Legacy space).

Not sure if this is of interest to you. If not, good luck with your search.