50m + sp player looking for new home!

(Viktor Inkura) #1

Heyo, Im intrested in nullsec and wormhole(c5/c6)

EU time zone.
Swedish player.
TS/Discord is no problem and I have a mic.
23 yo

(Lugburz) #2

sov null or npc null? for pvp or for making isk? im presuming to rat so sov but figured id ask :slight_smile:

(Viktor Inkura) #3

Sov null and for both pvp and ratting :slight_smile:

(Shayne Collister) #4

check us out :slight_smile: AUTZ/USTZ Corp Recruiting

(Kaelen Mosar) #5

We have FINS and DOUCHES… eh dutches. Take a look =)

(Wolfsdragoon) #6

Give us a look,

(Kate Siwalina) #7

Join a family, not a corp! [MDLAB] - relaxed null sec corporation
All kind of activity. Great community. SOV alliance.

(SirPaco Wallace) #8

Hey FC! we got the highclass wormhole space you’re looking for! Plus up to a few Bil in scanning rewards so the chain is almost always scanned out.

we got a C5:C5static with perfect PI, everything anyone would need for cap production and some killers in our EU Timezone.

MCAV flys mostly small group PVP typically nano fleets roaming around Null / Low / W- space with impunity! Plus everyones an FC here FC, and did I mention free enyos?

Our typical nano fleet consists of:
-Caracals / Anti-tackle
-Oracles / Dps
-Keres / Ewar / Light tackle

If it gets real we’ll ship into:
-Enyos and Deacons (ALL FREE)
-Bigger Enyos & Guardians (Free Logi)
-Lokis and Scimis (Free Logi)

Become MCAV’s newest FC today!

(Mr Glaser) #9

Hello @Viktor_Inkura,

I read you were interested in C5/C6 but just in case you don’t find exactly what you were looking for, I would like to give you an closer look in order to check out what and who we are…

We live in a C4 C3/C5 and LOVE to PVP. Our C5 chain gives our guys a variety of content related to ISK as well as finding our in game enemies down the chain.

SSEEK ( These guys are amazing and they are primarily the EU TZ group of WHSOC )

WHSOC ( Our Alliance Mates )

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

(John Dean) #10

Cerberus Federation [CEFED] is currently recruiting pilots for null sec shenanigans.

We are mainly seeking USTZ pilots, but all TZ are welcome to apply.

What we are looking for:

  • PVPers

  • Miners

  • Ratters

  • Hoodlums/vandals

What we offer:

  • Null Sec Life

  • Plenty of PVP

  • Dead end pocket for your isking needs

  • Great planets for PI

  • Moon mining

  • Never ending supply of Gatorade

What we require:

  • Ability to follow orders

  • On comms when active (Mumble)

  • Unflinching loyalty to protect the memes

  • Blood of the innocent / first born child / organs (your choice)

Come on down to our pub, CEFED PUBLIC , and have a drink with us, see if we are right for you!

(keacte) #11

hey @Viktor_Inkura
Why dont you check out FUN inc - we are recruiting!

(superfoxie2) #12

Total Darknes…
EU timezone corp, part of the legacy coalition. (catch)

(lost packet) #13

Hey there, we are an active corporation with ppl online most of the day. We do live in null-sec and also tend to do some wormhole operations.

(Aideron Audeles) #14

Hey mate. Check us out. We have both EU and US TZ players. We operate mainly in Null.

regards Aiden

(rangerwolfy) #16

Hey @Viktor_Inkura

you up for a war and some fun when it’s not CTA time?

Come check out RCJT - Right Click Jump to, We got tons of stuff coming and plenty of activity overall.

If you want to hear more jump in our discord and lets talk.

(system) #17

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