72mil SP pilot looking for corp

Been playing the game for a while now but I’ve never joined a corp, thought maybe its time I did. Fully trained in all sorts, mainly a Leshak and Tengu pilot. Massive mining skills too, fully trained right up to the Orca.


Hey mate would u be able to jump on our discord for a chat?

Hi Ryder,

Have you consider the eve mercenary life? we run small gang but surgical pvp contract work.

i would love to talk to you in our public discord channel. https://discord.gg/YtpqaQ8

Primus fortune

Hey Ryder Lennelluc,

Check us out over at JREX!

Hello mate , come and have a chat with us !!

I sent you a mail in eve! Check it out!

I’ll send you and game mail shortly my dude :smiley:

Heyo come check us out, we’re a very active EU tz corp looking for more to join our ranks. We run fleets and have fun.

Small to medium scale PvP, no sov ■■■■, very few structure ops, plenty of money-making opportunities.


Once you join an active and vibrant community you will see the game in a whole new light. FAYN has got that and is looking for more players to come enjoy our community and the game. Come check us out in game “FAYN.Recruits

Check it.

read this ad:

o7 please take sometime to consider us :slight_smile:

Meta Zero - C2 NS/C5 Wormhole PVP Corporation

Hey man… Small wormhole corp here. We have some indy guys if that’s what you’re into. come check us out. Discord

Hay bud we are a small and friendly null/low sec corp that’s fastly growing we are looking for new members.In our corp RL comes first that’s a big must and second we play the game to have fun and make isk we have a lot to offer for a small corp. We are looking for indy and pvp pilots we also have jobs going within our corp we are probably the only corp that will pay its members for the work they do aslong as they work hard in the rolls you get paid. If your interest drop me message in game
🇬🇧 Titan A.i ** COME JOIN TODAY**.

Hey Ryder

Drop Bears Club is part of MSF alliance that has AU and US tz players. We mainly do small gang stuff. War dec’ing for contents and the fun fights.

See our advert here - [AU] Red Bear Club [PVP] [Industry]
Got a Industry non war dec corp aswell if.

Come join us in our ingame channel “RBC_Recruit”

Talk Soon Darkie

Join us in FADE

Hi there, you may have noticed something on the forums called “The Fall of Niarja”. Well, we did that. (with some help from the Imperium)

If small gang PvP, with a side of competitive PvE is something you are interested in, I’ve got a great opportunity for you.

Join the fight for the Triglavian Collective! This is a limited time event currently taking place that lets players change the face of New Eden. High-sec and low-sec Systems can fall under Triglavian control and effectively create new pockets of null-sec in the heart of the four empires.

The Stribog Kybernaut Subclade is recruiting members of all skill levels and vocations. They provide training for both PvP and PVE content, easy ISK making opportunities taking systems for the Triglavian Collective, and daily PvP and PvE fleets. It’s a great drama-free community with a number of experienced and dedicated players.

If you are interested in joining, apply in-game and join the Discord: https://discord.gg/r9hZKbW

If you aren’t looking to join a corporation at this time, you can always join the in-game channel “The Triglavian Community”. We run daily public fleets in the invasion systems and have a very large and active public discord.

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