77mil SP Back from a LONG break - Looking for Industrial Corp

I have been away from Eve for a long time. So much has changed, but the idea of sticking it out alone isn’t very appealing. I am a Canadian geek, with a passion for sci-fi. I am 34 years old and live in Ontario, Canada.

I prefer to do industrial work, can fly hulks, orcas, obelisks, and anshars. I have over 3m SP in fleet support. I can also run Caldari combat ships fairly effectively. I am probably not too far from being able to fly Caldari carriers.

If you are a relaxed group of people, preferably with most people in GMT-4 (EST), and are willing to help re-train someone with some decent skills and time to play… reach out and let me know.

Welcome back mate.

It sounds like Astrocomical might be the place for you. Give us a look and see if we sound like a good fit. Astrocomical: PVP/Industrial Corp - No SP Requirement

Welcome back. We can offer some of the safest space in null for industry and we have no participation/pvp requirements. Check us out:

@Daray_II Check out [.FRAG] we’ve got a few Canadians in our crew and lots of US EST folk in the Alliance ~ [.FRAG] Fractured Glory wants you!

if you have a minute you can take a look here, we are in null.

Dark Crimson Sinners would be a perfect fit for your asperations . We are a small corp of veterans who are currently growing our numbers with members split between EU/US timezone . We have stable rattting and mining space with no active pvp requirements and a mature group of players that understand that RL comes first

In the short term our goal is simply to build numbers put going forward were looking for members who want to help organize and grow the corp through small gang pvp (non mandatory still) which will be supported by our Pve and industrial activity .

Key points of wahat we offer

  • Mature active EU/US timezone

  • STABLE ratting mining space

  • Industrial production capability including cap production

What we want -

  • Full api

  • Ability to use voice coms

  • A mature attitude

Hey Daray, I am the recruiting officer for the Krieg 7th Brigade. We are a small corp making big moves and we need your help. we are accepting all types of pilots from industry to pvp. From bittervets to newbros. We have people that can help you learn and/or reacquaint yourself with Eve. If you are interested in Incursions we got your back. if you are interested in the PvP combat, then join the fight. If you just like mining and researching and running the market, we have room for you here too! We just ask for voice communication and the willingness to be part of a team. We have pilots of old and new alike and indulge in all types of content. Only able to fly Frigates? We can help Will require API with application. Don’t worry, we’re friendly. Voip via Discord will be required.(seriously. i dont care if its broken English, you must be able to understand And be willing to talk) Discord Channel link below.

Operate out of high and low sec
Mic Required
be willing to be part of a team
no sp requiment
no specialization requiment

I have found a corp that I’m going to give a go. Thank you, everyone, for your support and interest. I really appreciate it!

I’d love to have you join us. We are in real need of industrialists.

Greetings Daray II

mybe you like to live with us in 0-sec

I saw your posting of the forums that you are looking for a corp since returning to the game. I am the ceo of a Nullsec corp called New Eden Development Corp, which is an industrial corp based in Catch.

We are also part of a broader alliance called Warped Intentions. Our alliance is in the process of taking sov in a number of systems here in Catch.

We are a friendly corp with no drama. We understand that real life comes first and Eve is a game which should be enjoyed not seem like work.

What we do:
PVP -Sov warefare

And we are a US TZ based corp, however the alliance has people in all time zones.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in please reach out to me.

Cliff Athonille
Ceo New Eden Development Corp

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