83m SP PVP Pilot looking for new home

Looking for a change.

EUTZ and early USTZ mainly although a Corp/Alliance with presence in all timezones would be huge plus as I sometimes work odd shifts.

I can fly pretty much everything cruiser and down (except the proteus) at a decent level (level 4 or 5 with all tech 2 weps up to medium to specialisation 4 at least).
I have perfect logi skills and prefer to fly them in larger fleets (it’s a little more engaging to me than standard DPS roles).
I’m able to fly some larger stuff (machariel for example due to previous doctrine requirements) and am willing to train as required.

I’m looking for an active PVP corp with excellent presence on comms (the social aspect of Eve is very important to me). Would prefer a more mature crowd but I’m not that fussed about this (as long as you’re not idiots basically).
I prefer small gang PVP and roams. I also enjoy cov-ops stuff (stealth bombers, hot drops, hunting in a pilgrim, etc).
Large scale carrier stuff and super cap warfare is less interesting to me so if that’s your bread and butter then I’m probably not a good fit.

Null sec, Low sec and WH are all considered (I have experience in all 3). Nothing high sec will be considered though.

Thanks for any consideration.





I’m part of Yamagata Syndicate recruitment team, I’ve read your post and i’d like to invite you over to our discord for a chat.

We have just moved over to fountain and are now part of Initiative Mercenaries, its a fresh start for the corp - you could be part of that too!

Its a very active corp, chilled, our own FC’s and you can be sure to find people online all the time in the EUTZ.

In-game recruitment channel: Yamagata Syndicate

Discord recruitment channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/5XVQpfq

Recruitment Ad: ★ Yamagata Syndicate - Null Sec - PvP ★

YS KB: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98115937/

Init KB: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/499005583/

Best Regards


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Brittas Empire are mainly UK tz and we are recruiting all kinds of pilots. We have a great social atmosphere with guys willing to do anything as part of a team. We see our members as individuals as opposed to just numbers in a corp. If you want somewhere to be a part of, then look no further. Drop in our discord for a chat.

Shimrock o7

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House of Tyrell - Null Sec Corp PvP, Indy & Much Much More

We are a fairly large but a tight-knit group that values quality in our pilots instead of quantity. Join us down in Null Sec and in our Mumble for never-ending content. We welcome all types of

pilots and offer a circus of activities in and out of our many systems for all your Eve entertainment. Some of the things we have to offer are PvP, PvE, Moon, Regular and mining ops, industry, shipping, and many more activities to come. We have many Fleet commanders, veterans, returning, and new players all willing to help, mentor joke around, and most importantly have fun. We have stories, knowledge about the game, and most importantly memes. Will your roar echo in the Book of Spod?

We understand that Eve is just a game and real life comes first but while online you can be anywhere from casual to a try hardcore player and fit right in on our Team Speak. We also have a discord that you can keep up to date with events and happenings. We are looking for new blood whether it is a veteran lion or New Eden cubs with at least 5 mill skill points.

Any Questions or PM/Email

Orange Lucifer

in game Or Join Chatroom

House of Tyrell Pub

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Hey Tsunetomo

Our alliance has some EUTZ and a strong early USTZ make up. Our corp is all USTZ from east coast to west coast. We fly all sorts of fleets so your skill set, especially with logi would be used as often as you want. We are in discord all day even when we are not in game so you would have the social aspect with us. Our corp was started back in 2005 with players that started in 2003 to 2004. Several of us came back within the past year and got the corp back up and running again. No idiots is a rule for us so no worries there. Come chat with us on Discord or in game in channel Yanks. Hope to chat soon. Our recruitment post and killboard are below:

Recruitment Post

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Yamagata Syndicate want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve.

We are looking for people who will fit in to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

Who are we

★ Leadership which has been around Eve since beta
★ A leading PvP corp
★ Members with experience of many wars in Eve including some of the largest battles Eve has ever seen
★ Averaging 1000+ kills a month with 90%+ kill efficiency ratio
★ Tight-knit friendly community
★ Member of Initiative Mercenaries alliance based in the Fountain/Querious regions

Why us

★ No drama
★ Experienced and helpful members who enjoy PvP
★ Content rich. Frequent fleets with a variety of PvP styles
★ Experienced corp and alliance FCs
★ Great ISK making opportunities in our home regions

We offer

★ Content Rich Nullsec Regions
★ Alliance Ship Replacement Program
★ Frequent PvP fleets
★ Corp Fleet Roams (free ships)
★ Massive Alliance Fleet Battles
★ Industrial support
★ A community focused on teamwork
★ Opportunities to be part of epic, game-changing battles
★ Great corp and alliance logistics to help you get what you want where you need it


★ Maturity
★ Team player
★ Voice comms (Mumble)
★ Discord
★ Some combat experience

In-game recruitment channel: Yamagata Syndicate
Discord recruitment channel: Discord Recruitment

Contacts: Nakito Kobara, Dawnbreaker Okaski or Alignat.

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Federation of Freedom Fighters is looking for more PvP pilots to join us in Sov Nullsec. .

We offer:

-Daily PvP
-Competent FCs
-Great space for isk making rather it be Super Ratting or Rorq Mining
-SRP (Ship Refund/Replacement Program) for all fleet ships including Caps.
-Nice size ISK rewards for corp killboard scores monthly for Topkills & Top solo. (More to be added soon)
-Fleet ships available on corp contract and or handed out at fleet form ups.
-Discord and Team speak for Corp communications.
-Awesome ticker F-OFF
-We cover EU, early US, and late US TZs, with some ANZ.
-We do require an ESI check and voice comms interview.

You can join our in-game recruitment channel F-OFF NOW to speak to one of our recruiters or contact me in game. You can also get a hold of me on Discord Justin Starr STARR#8251.

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Negative Entropy. in Black Legion is the place to be for PVP!

We provide:

  • Highly experienced FCs (including the legendary Elo Knight)

  • Active and engaged corp leadership

  • Almost nightly high quality fleets, many opportunities for small gang aswell!

  • A group of friendly and respectful players

  • Access to nullsec space for PVE; other very high ISK/hour ways to make money to fund PVP/PLEX

We require that you (are):

  • Active & PVP oriented

  • Able to fly all our doctrines well (At least Lvl 4 support skills for Retribution, Muninn, Legion, Scimitar)

  • Have a combat a combat capable alt (sabre, blops hunter, captial alt) on separate account to your main

  • Willing and able to train a capital alt (if you haven’t got one already)

We’re a mostly USTZ alliance and corp, but we have a growing EUTZ base and are active in EUTZ on weekends.

Come chat with us on our discord if you’re interested Discord

Checkout our forum post for more info

Checkout our zkill to see what we’re about

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Hey Tsunetomo, sounds like you’d be a pretty solid fit for us.

EUTZ and early USTZ mainly although a Corp/Alliance with presence in all timezones would be huge plus as I sometimes work odd shifts.

Most of our content is in EUTZ, and I usually will run small gang roams or PvP contenet after 5PM EST (so around 22:00 EVE), plenty of early USTZ content since most of our EU guys are brits.

logi, mach, etc

Your skills would fit our doctrines pretty well.

I’m looking for an active PVP corp with excellent presence on comms (the social aspect of Eve is very important to me). Would prefer a more mature crowd but I’m not that fussed about this (as long as you’re not idiots basically).

Plenty of content going on in Triumvirate, should be able to log in and PvP at any time with our 24/7 wolfpacks. We don’t recruit kiddos… don’t want the drama. We’re a bit tight knit (IRL meetups and whatnot) so we stick to the smaller side, don’t expect 10 corporation dudes on voice 24/7, that’s why we’re in an awesome PvP alliance :slight_smile:

I prefer small gang PVP and roams. I also enjoy cov-ops stuff (stealth bombers, hot drops, hunting in a pilgrim, etc).

99% of our content outside of EUTZ is small gang and microgang content, with some random capital drops mixed in.

Large scale carrier stuff and super cap warfare is less interesting to me so if that’s your bread and butter then I’m probably not a good fit.

Small alliance so you’re not going to get that nullbloc BS here.

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Rebels and Renegades is a EU/USTZ corp in Warped Intentions.

Rebels and Renegades is a pvp corp run by a group of like minded older players in eve. Our goals are to be a competent corp in small scale pvp, Blops, and Alliance/Coalition level fleets. We have multiple FCs in our corp / alliance / Coalition. Who will supply you with plenty of fleets. If you are well trained and interested in pvp, from small scale up to large scale, you will fit perfectly in. That being said, we all have a real life and we understand if you have one too.

We offer

  • 0.0 PvP
  • EU, US timezone
  • small, medium and large scale pvp
  • high skilled and experienced members.
  • we help each other with everything in the game
  • awesome logistic service for direct supply from Jita to our home space, from alliance services
  • Corp Discord and alliance Mumble.

What we expect:

  • at least 10m skillpoints
  • 0.0 and pvp experience is not a must, but nice to have
  • FAX and Dread alts is always good to have.
  • We expect our pilots to be able to follow instructions from the FC.
  • learning abilitiy (nobody is perfect)

We do not claim to be better than others, but we shoot much more than we lose, and we have fun while doing so.

Join our Discord if you are interested in talking with a recruiter https://discord.gg/EHp9Hfk

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Hello @Tsunetomo_Kusunoki,

We are a super ACTIVE WH Corp/Alliance. I think you would really enjoy our gaming community. If you get a chance, take a closer look at who and what we are in space…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known

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Hey man,
I just started looking her for people looking for corporations. I think we would be a good fit if you are still looking! We are big about comms as its very important in WH space and chatting with your corp mates everything more enjoyable.

I would love to have another logi pilot! We are pretty well rounded in the EU timezone and we have a small handful in US. I’m working on bringing the US up so we can get more content for everyone.

I did make an ad you can look at as well

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ChemiKals is a PvP focused corporation within Goonswarm Federation operating out of Delve (0.0 Space/NullSec). We are a very tight knit group of space dudes that take care of each other in and out of game, we’ve been known to have RL meetups and a good number of us consider one another as close friends. Our bond is definitely one that extends beyond the confines of EVE Online as we also play various other games together.

We do give each other a-lot of flak but it’s all in good fun, so you should have a thick skin and like to mess around if you’re considering joining us! We have pilots in all time zones and from an assortment of nationality, race and gender. We do not discriminate and you are under no obligation to share personal information of any kind. Discussion of politics and religion are strictly prohibited, such discussions can however take place in a designated comms channel if necessary.

Requirements for Membership:

  • Have at least 1 PvP Dedicated character with no fewer than 10 Million Skill points
  • Participate in 6 Combat fleets per month on an alliance/coalition level
  • Have a working mic and speakers
  • Pass a full security screening
  • Work well with others
  • Be at least 18 years of age

Our Principles:

  • We pride ourselves on being drama free
  • Bigotry and Racism/Sexism are NOT tolerated
  • Members will abide by the EVE Online EULA
  • Pilots are expected and required to PvP and to pull their own weight

If you’d like to know more, before contacting a recruiter, then please consider visiting our YouTube channel:
ChemiKals Corp YouTube

If everything you’ve seen here fits with your ideal image of a corporation or you simply want to know more… then stop by “Chemk Pub” in-game or send an EVE Mail to Ram Askaari.

You may also contact us through:
Discord: https://discord.gg/cdTQXM5
Twitter: @ChemiKalsCorp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChemikalsCorp

Thank you for your interest in joining ChemiKals,

-Ram Askaari
-Recruitment Director, ChemiKals

You should take a look at Alwar Fleet! They are the high SP EUTZ Corp within the Federation Uprising alliance, a Nullsec/Lowsec PVP alliance based in Immensea. We’ve got PVP fleets happening around the clock in both EU and USTZ and even in AUTZ in some instances.

We fly a variety of doctrines, everything from Retributions/Pontifexes/Deacons to Ishtars/Guardians. For alliance ops we also hand out T2 Logi for free. Machariels/Guardians are also our apex doctrine. We’re very active in PVP and get anywhere from 900-2000 kills a week depending on just how busy we are.

We’re a very social group and our Discord and Mumble are always abuzz with activity. We host a mature atmosphere as well. We specialize in small to medium gang stuff, though coalition level fleets are little larger in scale.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public Discord: http://bit.ly/FEDUPublic

Hi mate,

In a few words, VSQ is a EUTZ based pvp oriented corporation interested in growing it’s members core.We are a part of an awesome Weekend Warriors group, offering many ways of content to our members PVP wise, during the week but mainly as the name states, more organized on weekends.If you do play a lot during the week also,no problem, theres plenty of small gang to be done at times also.

You can read more about us on our advert or even poke us on discord if theres anything else that you might want to know:

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We offer all aspects of Null life, and proud member in TEST

Come check us out

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@Tsunetomo_Kusunoki Hello.

We’re a USTZ/EUTZ corporation in the Imperium flying under The Initiative.

You meet our SP requirement


Come chat with us https://discord.gg/BXzRZZQ
or see our ad Definitely Not Cloaked LLC. is recruitng. [Nullsec/Sov]

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Sounds like you would be a perfect fit for us! We’re tight knit group of people, most of us older than 30. We throw ourselves at everything space has to offer, and have a lot of fun doing it!

Swing by our Discord channel and say hello, or get in touch with one of our recruiters in-game!

Looking forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:

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I think you would love flying with us here at Astrotech. You appear to be close to where we are living, as we are a port of the Legacy Coalition. We are very interested in players who want to participate with the corp, and we have a wide variety of fleets available to our members.

You can read more on our advert here:

Or you can come chat with us on discord here:

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