90mill sp returning player

Hi there
Been out of the game for almost 3 years and want to get back into participating in some large scale null sec pvp war action. Been involved in quite a few wars and invasions over the years.
I can basically fly any gall ship with max skills sub cap. This includes command ships with boosters.

I’m UK based so on most evening and sometimes into US tz. Happy to use discord for pvp but not neccesarily have it on all the time when just chilling. Most of my isk comes from hacking and gas mining when I have to.

I’m not a kid so a few other older members would be good too. If it soumds like I might fit in give me a shout.
Fly safe o/

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Hey bud, I live in Somerset, and am a director in a lowsec Pvp Corp that me and some friends started a little way back. Just put our recruitment advert up yesterday take a look.

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Forgot to say I also gas mine and manufacture drugs as one of my income sources.

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Hi @tango_5

I’m CEO of The Dark Vanguard, and EUTZ focussed PVP Corp and part of Triumvirate. We’re a mature group of exclusively EU Timezone players who love nothing more than watching internet spaceships explode.

Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98567310/

Discord: https://discord.gg/cj5eKjE Drop in for a chat

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Hay bud we a small pvp corp eu/usa
If you looking for pvp soon as I join back with my alliance you will have more targets that you can shake a stick at with over 100 war dec on iv only drop out so I can get more member to do more pvp opp so if your interest drop me message in the meantime check out FAQ also there is a link to or discord channel

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Hey Tango 5 welcome back to Eve,

You would be a great fit over at JREX! We are a small gang to medium fleet PvP corporation, which has doctrines all over the place. We want people who want to PEW. High SP pvper’s that want to log in and kill.

We also have some indy to fuel our ship blowing up needs. Our Corp has lots of content right out of our door. We are active from 1700-0630 eve time with players ranging from EUSTZ to USTZ. I hope you would join us and based on your interests, you would fit right at home. Fleets and content is what we want to focus on. We will provide you with content and gf’s on all hours of the day. That’s what JREX is about surrounded by a community environment which also plays other games outside of eve together. You won’t be a number with us but a chill dude.

We are also members of a pirate alliance called intergalactic space hobos! We have lots of good fights and great content happening everyday to from blops to roams to Gate camps to dread fights.

I have attached our recruitment thread below which has our discord so you reach us. We also have a public channel called “JREX REC” for all recruitment.

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Full Broadside - USTZ Nullsec Small-Gang/Small-Scale PVP Would love to see you out.

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Hey if you are interested in trying wormholes check us out!

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Hey there, you should look at Imperial Radionetics, they’re a Nullsec EUTZ corp in my alliance. Here’s our discord if you’re interested in learning more: https://discordapp.com/invite/w98cz9Z

Hi Tango 5

WCS is a South African PVP Corp in Null sec with TONS of ISK making opportunities.
We have members from all over from the uk to alaska.

What we Offer:

Indy, Moons, BP’s
PVP on a Massive Scale
Alliance wide Mining Operations + PI
Dedicated Voice Comms
Experienced helpers and support channels
Friendly atmosphere
Abyssal sites

Eintlik doen ons alles!

So, if even one of these interest you, then hop on WCS-Pub, and make some noise.

PS: As jy die kan lees, help dit al klaar baie!!




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3,000 ships lost in your mum!

What sort of dick-tator am I?
Orlav Aldent 2020
“Dear god this has been a long time coming, I’ve been active in EVE for around 5 years. In that time I have been a lowsec pirate playing scrubby gate games and camping till the dreads drop. I have done hard time in nullsec, playing king of the hill and cloaky camping kids that 100% deserved it, 40% of the time. After nullsec burnt me to a crisp, I got lost in wormhole space and fell in love with the splash, Jspace is without a doubt the love of my life however I now find myself in lowsec once again. This time though I want to build my own community, I have spent a lot of my game time building and supporting the communities I have been lucky enough to be a part of and at long last, I want my own little crew of fruits, nuts and vegetables to unleash on the unsuspecting and uncloaked.”


  • Omega - I would love to open my doors to alphas as well, however I don’t believe that non-faction warfare lowsec space is well suited for alphas, this requirement may change however, I do value the raw fearlessness that new bros have.
  • USTZ - This is flexible, however i’m an Australian that works nightshift and that’s not going to change anytime soon, so USTZ is the best fit. I won’t discourage other TZs, however be aware that I cannot guarantee content, that’s in your court.
  • PVP - I don’t care what you do for income, I have several side ventures myself that are of the care bear kind. However when you hear the words “I’ve tackled a…”, you will be expected to back up our tackler ASAP.
  • 18+ - I’m not interested in edgelords who are edgelords for the edge. I want everyone to jell and to respect one another even if you don’t agree on everything others think or share. There are loose community guidelines that will be made clear, they are there to cultivate an open and enjoyable culture and community.
  • Mic - This is a no-brainer, if you can’t communicate, you’re going to have a bad time. This means discord and TS, I literally never want to have to use mumble ever again.

Join me on discord

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War Eagle Fleet is a proud member of the SLYCE Alliance, actively living and prospering in null sec alongside some fantastic allies. We are currently recruiting members who are eager to make lots of isk and get those dank frags. We are a group with some great PvP pilots, however we understand that this is not what EVE is all about, and we certainly are not elitists. It takes many hands to make a corporation tick, therefore we need builders, ratters, and everything in between. We will help anyone who wants to learn to PvP, but you need to enjoy the game and we give you the freedom to do that.

What we can offer you:

  • Corp/Alliance activity across the EUTZ and USTZ primarily
  • Discord and Teamspeak for communications and interaction
  • PvP fleets with some fantastic FC’s (large scale, medium scale, small gang, and solo opportunities)
  • Nullsec space with some of the most valuable ores, moon goo, PI, and ratting anomalies in EVE
  • Access to great local markets (with jump bridges for easy access)
  • The freedom to enjoy EVE as you see fit
  • Logistics network in place at great prices to move your things around
  • Low stress casual gameplay where EVE is seen as a game, not a job

We offer much more than that, but that gives you a rough idea of the sort of things you can expect in our space.

Biohazard. [-BIO-] is a low sec, no-drama, corporation. We believe EVE is best played in small gangs of pilots teaching each other, and in an environment that works for not only veterans, but also for newbros alike.

We operate in amarr/minmatar low sec where we support the Minmatar Militia.

■ Faction Warfare ■ Small Gang Warfare ■ LP Buyback
■ Abyssal CO-OP ■ Pirate Burners ■ Casual ■ Community

Meet us on discord: http://discord.gg/XaRrXz6 :slight_smile: :smiley: =D :stuck_out_tongue:

Not NS but since NS isnt really NS anymore either Ill link you our LS corp.

Hey there, Rakkin! Cheers mate!

Hey there tango! o/

I see EvE finally sucked you back in! Welp, welcome back to the grind, my friend! I read what you want out of the game, and I think we’d be a good fit for you!

I’d like to welcome you to join Federation of Freedom Fighters (F-OFF). We are an active PvP nullsec corp based in Immensea in our alliance, Vindictive. We are primarily USTZ, but with a growing EUTZ and nuts like me who are up way too late! However fear not, you’ll never fly alone here.

We can offer exactly what you want in large scale pvp, as we are part of Legacy coalition, and even have a decent fleet sizes on our own, even when apart of Legacy. You can get the best of both worlds from small gang to large bloc warfare! You mentioned you gas mine, and coincidentally enough, a corp goal is to get a farm wormhole for that express purpose!

We have a tight knit community where so long as you pop into Teamspeak, you will be welcomed instantly! On that note, our community consists of members from all walks of life, young to old, with a mature leadership team. You’ll find that many people simply hang out in Teamspeak, and play games other than EvE, for example we have a budding Planetside 2 group regularly playing now, too!

I think you will find many of your needs met here, and I’d love to chat with you about any potentials or concerns. You can find us in-game with our channel “F-OFF NOW”, reach out to us on discord https://discord.gg/Sppsrqm or even message me on discord @ TempestofChaos#1696.

You can also check out our Zkill page at: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1316448553/ (shh ignore the red, that’s just the colorblindness in action!)

I look forward to whatever happens! Fly Dangerously o7
Now, F-OFF (nope, that never does get old)


Hi Tango!

Infamy Inc is a small Euro Corp part of FEDUP Sov Holding alliance, which is part of Legacy, our core is mainly UK/IE.
The majority of our players are between 30-40.

We are looking for:

  • PvPers
  • Miners
  • Inustrial
  • Ratters

In turn we will expect you to participate in Home Defence and CTA whilst online, in return we offer:

  • Experienced leadership
  • Place to have fun
  • RL comes first corp
  • Nice space to make isk
  • Moon mining
  • PvP from small to large fleets
  • Returning Player friendly
  • New Bro friendly

Come and have a chat or join our public channel Infamy inc

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi, Tango —

Returning veterans are our thing!

Take a look at us, and if there’s interest, reach out to me.

– Corvar Estidal