ANZAC ALLIANCE - All TZs New-Player. PVP, Null-Sec

ANZAC ALLIANCE is our 18th year as a null sec corporation.

ANZA has a good member base in all Time Zones, primarily AUTZ.
CCP reported ANZAC ALLIANCE in the Top Ten most active corporation in Eve Online.

ANZA is a new player-friendly corporation.
If you are fresh to Eve, ANZA is the place for you.
You may join ANZA without game experience.
The only request we have is that you have completed the Tutorial.

What we offer;

Small Corp Base fun PVP Fleets - Killboard
Medium Alliance Base fun PVP Fleets Killboard

To the Largest Battles, Eve Has Seen.
2005 Battle C9N-CC – Destruction of Stevie
2014 -The Blood Bath of B-R5RB
2021 The Massacre at M2-XF .
YES - ANZA was there!

ANZA is a relaxed group with plenty of opportunities for New and Experienced Players
ANZA offers you a home for you to earn bucket loads of Isk.
Eve is your oyster from Null Sec Mining Fleets, NPC’s (ratting) and Industry.
ANZA supplies Ship to New Players to Eve,
ANZA offers a Ship replacement program for CTA Fleets.
ANZA is Active in All Timezones.
ANZA is a mature group with fundamental values.

What we are looking for in players:

Mature Active players. Become part of the ANZA community.
Are you prepared to take the time to get to know your corp mates?
Be active on comms - Mumble and Discord and join in the conversation.
ANZA is a very social corporation.
You must be active in-game before applying to join ANZA.

Join ANZA. It is easy to apply today. ANZA application form CLICK HERE

Once you have completed your application form,
Have a casual chat with a recruiter to receive your formal in-a-game invitation to join ANZA.
Join our DISCORD & our in-game channel “anza apps” for a chat.
To learn more about ANZA ALLIANCE ,

Applicants are subject to a few checks and a chat/interview to get to know our recruits before your formal application is invited.

Recruiting is open join today.

Hi i’m interested … queensland based pom … been playing for over a year mainly in null-sec … miner and some industry … mainly looking for a corp in the AUTZ