Avatar Gameplay Polls and Discussion - WiS & Beyond

Despite what anyone would say about this in the comments, i think the poll speaks pretty loudly for itself, even so far, but we’ll see how it goes.

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Good thing business decisions aren’t made by a small sample of self-selected poll respondents who aren’t being asked for any money.

How about we rephrase the question in the poll. You get avatar gameplay, but you have to pay $60 up front, a second monthly sub, and no EVE integration. Buy or pass? If you can’t find at least a million “yes” votes, the idea is just as horrible as it always was.

You can meaningfully link avatar combat to non-real time gameplay factors in Eve such as bumping scheduled structure timers or having an industry job complete faster (or slower). CCP devs have already discussed these possibilities.

Why can’t we see who voted for what, like this poll?

That is how you ferret out the alt votes that stack the poll.

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Not everyone wants their vote to be public. But I get your point. Given how a lot of folks here like to scam and cheat on many levels, I do agree that you are right to ask for more transparency. I want to prove to you that I don’t have intention to cheat, so I will see what I can do to make the existing polls public, or I will make them anew, with public votes. No problem.

So. As per request, here are the same polls starting fresh, but this time with public voting.

How would you feel if EVE developers announce that they are considering or in the process of developing a brand new prototype of Avatar Gameplay, similar but not limited to Walking in Stations?

  • I would be filled with joy!
  • I would be neutral.
  • I would be very angry!

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If you are elected to have a say on whether and how Avatar Gameplay for EVE should be implemented, what approach would you have on the matter?

  • I would make it a separate project, so that the other aspects of the game have the best possible manpower and resources set to them, while new devs would work on the Avatar aspect.
  • I would encourage it, but only after Factional Warfare and Low Sec gameplay are modernized.
  • I would stay away from the idea, cause there are too many aspects of the game that need to be addressed first, before we even start looking at avatars.
  • I would look for a way to implement it in Project Nova, but only after the FPS can stand on its own feet as a game.
  • Other (please comment).

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Here, now votes are public. I hope you enjoy. Polls are easy to make. So if you feel that the current polls are not representing your opinions, press the wheel on the right side of the editing panel and click on the Build Poll button and make a poll you like here.

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You can just edit the initial post, mate.

Once the poll is created I can edit it, but I got to insert a code which I am not familiar with. So let’s start anew.

You could just ask how it works, but hey … sure!

Good Luck!

If you know how it works in detail, please send me an EVE-Mail with instructions and I will see what I can do to make the previous polls public. :slight_smile:

BTW, wasn’t Project Nova canceled?

The closed Alpha was postponed. But the project is in development.

Wait, you want me to log in? No way! : - )

[poll type=regular results=always public=true]

This is how it should look. You only need to change/add “public=true” and it should work. :slight_smile:

Cool thanks! Let’s see how this magic works. Will edit the OP.

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What’s the point of blowing people up in space? Or anything else in EVE?

Some players think it would be fun. So the point is for players to have fun.


So you’d need $60,000,000 to make that part of the game? That’s kinda ludicrous.

EVE is not that kind of game, this idea has failed once already, famously, completely.

If you want to parade around and show off your avatar there are dozens of games that do that, why fk up EVE?

EVE’s not the kind of game where players have fun? Wow, that’s harsh.

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Sorry bro. Getting an error message, saying that I can’t edit a poll after 5 minutes have passed after its creation. Will have to use the new polls.

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/rolleyes Don’t be dishonest.