Black Hole Drifters is looking for new friends c4-c3/c5 Wh corp LF PVP/Indy Players

Bring on some more recruits

Keep them coming.

Found a couple more great recuits

Any other pilots interested in wh space, come on by.

Daily bump for some new members

Still looking for some new members

Keep them coming

Daily bump

Got another great recruit last night

Daily bump, Love our new members,

Still looking

Always keeping eyes out for potential new members

Still looking for pvp minding players.

Still looking for PVP minded individuals. Wanting to get away from that HS life.

Found a great recruit, looking forward to the next one

Still looking for PvPers! Let’s blow up some space pixels together!

Bring on the next great recruit

Still looking for some people interested in WHs

We are an active group, looking for PVP focused folks, but also there is a lot of potential to make ISK doing PVE, Mining, and other Wormhole activites.

Still looking