Caldari 1 [Caldari Alliance] ISK in high-sec

Looking for more new bro members that need some extra isk or some guidance as they start their journey.

Corporate projects are refreshed daily!

0.0% tax ore/ice reprocessing in multiple ice anomoly solar systems.

Got quite a few more players even some more experienced ones to help out. Now is a great time to join up.

Still looking for more new pilots. Or returning pilots looking for a place to relearn the game.

Still looking for more recruits.

Getting quite a few new pilots and returning players.

We now have 100% JITA buy ORE + ICE corporation buyback program. No longer will you need to haul your pesky ore and ice to JITA to sell it.

Based on our recent recruits this is a great place if you recently quit eve echoes. Have a lot of returning players as well helping out our new ones. Discord voice is active as well for those looking to make new friends and get some help via screenshare.

Been getting a bunch of new recruits. Great time to join.

Lots of active memebers in discord. Rattlesnake giveaway is popular :slight_smile:

Lots of new members. Come stop by discord and chat.

We are having a public homefront training fleet this weekend. Stop by the discord.

Over 20 billion isk given out in corp projects and prizes so far!

0% tax moon mining

Almost to 100 members and new prizes every week.

Had a really fun homefront training fleet over the weekend.