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Bumper Up!

Fly safe, and let’s embark on this adventure together!

Corp is Growing Come join us …

I’m interested. However, your channel has been empty the last few times I checked. Catch me ingame or by evemail and let’s chat :slight_smile:

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Were Still Growing Strong . New Members Daily come join us > .UDED

Growing - going up

Back in action join ingame channel β†’ .UDED

join ingame channel β†’ .UDED

Come talk join β†’ .UDED

Bump :slight_smile:

Growing come join ingame channel β†’ .UDED

➣ Based in Amarr High Sec
➣ PVE Oriented with some Industry
➣ Casual and Friendly group
➣ Rookies / Alphas Welcome
➣ Monthly PVE Challenges and Rewards

Join ingame channel β†’ .UDED

Were Growing good peps here come join Very New Player Friendly …

Join ingame channel .UDED

Join ingame channel .UDED

** Join ingame channel .UDED **

** Join ingame channel .UDED **

New Player Friendly , Forge a New Path in New Eden , Join Spaceships Renegades Join β†’ .UDED in game …

Hey @OzMaTiC - could you DM me on Discord? MrJ4zzy