Dacian Armada Seeking Corporations

We at Dacian Armada are laid back acknowledging that you pay to play this game so should be able to play it the way you want, subject to only two rules…

  1. NO Drama
  2. Adhere at all times to NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot)

We live in Providence with some very good friends in a Sov holding Alliance, residing in their space with use of their structures for Industry, as well as PvE/PvP. We have +5/+10 standings with all other Sov holders aligned to CVA so in a position to offer a relatively safe home for your members. We don’t make demands, nor do we pressure our corporations, we may ask but ultimately it is up to you and your corporate members if you cooperate on an Alliance level.

Interested ? Mail me or A Scriv in game

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Great alliance to be in.

Corps within the alliance are looking for pilots aswell.


Still recruiting Corps, Mad’s Lad’s need a few good peeps too.

Recruitment still open

Still seeking good Corps ANY Ex MENTL Alliance are more than welcome Various corps in the Alliance are also recruiting good pilots

daily bump

Still seeking good corps and good pilots to join existing corps

Still recruiting Corporations and existing corporations still recruiting pilots look us up

Still looking for good corps to join us as well as pilots to join existing corps

Oh dear, Con is getting very old and forgetful…

So here it is …BUMP

Wow 2 days in a row i am asking for promotion.

Great Alliance to join, lots of activity, experience to draw from and most importantly banter.
Has made EVE a bigger playground with opportunities to explore.

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Thanks guys for bumping I’m away in my truck a lot :’( Anyway we are still looking for Good Corps and good peeps to join existing corps

Mighty BUMP

I’m away but still making sure I can bump.

I can bump too

Woo Hoo Many people bumping. Still seeking good corps and good peeps to join existing corps. Again we are laid back, chilled and ZERO demands.

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