Dark Crimson Sinners is recruiting - 0.0 Mining/PvE/PvP

Come by and fill your coffers with spacebux!

Still looking for miners! I have free Skiffs! Come try the new moon mining and enjoy the highest density ores around!

Money to be made!

Join Dark Crimson Pub and chat with us to find out more

bumpity bumppp

We would enjoy more peeps up in hurr, up in hurr!!! Extremely laid back group, no drama whatsoever,

Yes, more miners needed to chew rocks to your hearts content.

Come by Dark Crimson Pub and we will tell you more

Come to null and chew high quality rocks to your hearts and wallets content! Miners needed to pvp rocks naow!

Moon mining, corp ships, ore buyback, building, research… all the things!

Come by Dark Crimson pub and have a chat

Miners still needed to make spacebux!

Come by the Dark Crimson Pub and ask us how

Come on down and get your free skiffs…mine to your hearts content.

Come by Dark Crimson Pub today

Loving it out here. Has to be the best no drama corp I have been in yet. Mine Rat PVP, whatever you feel like doing. True sandbox. Big blue space around us as well.

Been making a ton of isk. Great support system. Come out and mine, rat, or whatever you like to do…

Great space.
Great people.
Just rat and mine to your own schedule.

No CTA’s! No mandatory ops!
Do it!

Plenty of room left , we are spreading out as we grow.

Come down and join the sinners. We need more miners!!!

Too many rocks, not enough hungry miners!

Y U SO POOR? Come mine in null with highest yielding, rorq boosting, moon mining, ore buying, skiff loaning, stuff building, Dark Crimson!
Join Dark Crimson Pub today!

How about a nice juicy 12 oz US prime Flawless Arkonor for dinner?

Come ask us how!

You deserve some isk today, in Dark Crimson Sinners! We have mining for youuuuuuuuuu!

Some Miner’s out there somewhere
Waiting for some miner corp to come their way
Some ratter’s out there somewhere
You will somehow be Dark Sinner’s someone


I might be interrested in joining you guys. Bored to death of HS. I’ll hop on your Pub channel tonight when i’ll get home.

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Come on down to Tex and Edna Boil’s Organ Emporium and get your free budgie!


Recruitment still open .Good isk and EU/US active tz .