Del pls

8.5bil b/o for Doppler

9 bil b/o for Doppler

10bil b/o for Doppler offer valid for 24 hrs


10.5 Billion Isk buyout for Doppler.

11bil b/o is my last offer:joy:

11.5 Billion isk buyout for Doppler

12b Doppler

Are people buying this character because of the age?

And name :stuck_out_tongue: we’re space nerds okay?


Sending isk and account name to Doppler


I still have interest in NRS644 if you’d like to reconsider. I’m sure we can come to a mutual price we could both agree upon.

Hi Bvlgari, hmm I hear what you’re saying but I’ve gotten a bit sentimental over NRS suddenly! Would you be interested in this character at all? Cheers.

Whats your B/O for Muhmra?

I would be interested, what would be your B/O?

I would be very interested in both characters if you have a change of heart and am able to make it worh your while. Let me know.

Did the GM ever respond? It’s been 17h since transfer start and no character yet :frowning:

Still interested in Muhmra and still interested in NRS644, or combination of the two. Serious offer, so please get back to me.

So the transfer still hasn’t gone through, CCP Has taken way to long. I discussed with the original seller and he’s agreed to cancel the sale and return the ISK. He’ll be sending the isk through doppler and will be canceling his ticket, and I’ll be canceling my ticket as well.