We don’t know you real SP , the Eveskillboard is from 11 month behind .

If you can provide the proof of amount of SP on your character, I will be the first to bid
At least mentions the amount clearly.


You right this is too early for me
Begin 45B



Scammer, has been for a week. Ban please

offer retracted ( @Shnitzel_Tiras has a fine taste to discover the fishy sell)

Look his activity, he opens new threads every day when they close his old ones

do us a favor hellish, if you are truly selling this character your eveskilboard must be live. as in we can hit refresh and get the sp and other info.

Just mark this as delet like you always do and move on to your next victim

Let’s make a short list of why you’re a scammer:
1, formal ISD post mentioning you are under investigation: DELETE
2. eveboard invalid
3. selling a Hel pilot worth 60b-70b for 45b and always accepting first bid
4. reopening the same thread as seen here:
5. not fixing eveboard after being told that several times by ISD
6. deleting all posts in other threads after being reported as scammer: Delet
7. ISD closed your threads multiple times: WTS Hel Pilot 50mil SP!
8. in another thread someone sent you isk and said he never got it back
9. several scammer reports in other threads

Is this enough or shall I continue?
Edit: and here comes his edit for all posts…

lol it is like my franzosisch channel with less salt .
you’d better edit yourself …

Back at it again I see? How many time’s have you been reported as a scammer I wonder? :thinking::thinking: