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Delete please.

Oh Cokehead Fred we are the group for you. I am a director for a corp called JREX. We founded an alliance called sedition and our logo is a broken blue doughnut. JREX specializes in pirate PvP in low-sec, null-sec, and all surrounding regions including FW low sec space. JREX flies all shapes and sizes of ships. We have very few requirements and tons of content just outside our front door. We are extremely active from fleet times ranging from 1700-0630. We are looking for active players that want to PvP with us. Our fleet types range from blops, small-gang, capitals, to medium-scaled fleets. We also moon mine and rat for our isk with access to various moons. We have a lot of opportunities for all different types of PvP content.

We are also a real-life comes first type of corporation. Our ideal pilot would be someone who wants to PvP in our fleets, solo, or wanting to create their own content.

We hope to grow our alliance to do more fun fleets with our friends if u wanna chat in game join “JREX REC”

That a guy flying the Jolly Roger!! I’m about to shoot you an in game mail!

We are part of a nullsec group but more or less work alone, and use that space to krab when needed. We specialize in small to medium gang pvp and guerrilla warfare. We own our own C3 content hole with a null static for that extra pew fun.

Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you.

By the way don’t listen to any of these guys.

Thank you all for the replies thus far, ill be on late tmmrw night, ill check you all out!

I’ll pm you in-game and we can chat.

Hey Cokehead, (yes, i think its a weird way to start a mail lol)

Were recruiting, looking for new, returning and experienced players.

Check out my link, i think its a good match for you!

What do we offer:
A very friendly, easy going group of people :slight_smile:
RL comes first
No Politics :slight_smile:
Already >20 members
Multiple timezones
Safe playing in High sec mostly mining, fun roams, competitions and more
Our own Structures!
A real energy to generate corp isk, because we will share the wealth with you!

Drop myself or Terrus Askiras a mail ingame.


Hey Cokehead Fred,

I think we are a great fit for you. High-sec based in Minmatar space our corp is an industry-first organization, that also delves with piracy and pvp. We are currently at about 35 members and growing a balanced US and EU member core.

Here’s our thread if you want to have a look:

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Welcome back! Seems a lot of older players are returning lately.

Well, we reside in the grey space between SOV and low sec and go into both to shoot people. We are also a Indy alliance working to support life in NPC Null sec in curse. Need isk to get ships to blow people up so might as well be useful!

Come on over and check us out. We are all about casual gaming and real life first - no alrms clocks, No f1 monkeys etc.

Welcome back. We got what you want/need, check it out.

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