[Domia Blodhren] Blood Dominance is now recruiting

Dblod Serin
Dblod are a relaxed corp that runs a real life comes first policy, we are members of Serin (The Serenity Initiative)
We are Eu/Us corp, looking for ratters, miners, industrialists and pvp pilots to come and join the ranks!

What we Offer

  • Daily pvp fleets

  • Srp for doctrine ships

  • Dead-end pocket for ratting and mining

  • Moon Mining

  • Loot/Ore Buyback Programe

  • Industry Citadels

  • Jump Service to Jita

What we require

  • ESI Check

  • Omega Account

  • 5 Million SP

  • Teamspeak 3 and Discord

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions ping me a mail or join (Dblod rec room)

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Still recruiting, come get rich with us!!!

Daily pvp fleets.

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Dead end pocket for ratting and mining!

Any Ratters and minners looking for a dead end pocket in null?

Come join us for daily PVP fleets!!

Recruitment still open!!!

small group, you wont be lost within the ranks here!

Dead end pocket with industry citadels for the industrialists!

daily pvp fleets.

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