[Domia Blodhren] Blood Dominance is now recruiting


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Dblod Serin
Dblod are a relaxed corp that runs a real life comes first policy, we are members of Serin (The Serenity Initiative)
We are Eu/Us corp, looking for ratters, miners, industrialists and pvp pilots to come and join the ranks!

What we Offer

  • Daily pvp fleets

  • Srp for doctrine ships

  • Dead-end pocket for ratting and mining

  • Moon Mining

  • Loot/Ore Buyback Programe

  • Industry Citadels

  • Jump Service to Jita

What we require

  • ESI Check

  • Omega Account

  • 5 Million SP

  • Teamspeak 3 and Discord

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions ping me a mail or join (Dblod rec room)

20m SP, player looking for 0.0 , -1
Returning player
27m SP Pilot looking for a home
EUTZ Player seeking a new home [LS][NS]
Finding it hard to find a corp
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Still recruiting, come get rich with us!!!

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Daily pvp fleets.

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Dead end pocket for ratting and mining!

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Any Ratters and minners looking for a dead end pocket in null?

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Come join us for daily PVP fleets!!

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Recruitment still open!!!

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small group, you wont be lost within the ranks here!

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Dead end pocket with industry citadels for the industrialists!

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daily pvp fleets.

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