:fiestaparrot: Dracarys Alliance is Recruiting All TZ Corporations & Player's

Alliance zkill Link: Dracarys. | Alliance | zKillboard

Greetings !

Who We Are:

We are Null-Sec Alliance Part of The Imperium Coalition. We are Life in Querious Region

We Are Highly Active, Multi-Timezone alliance US/EU/AU/RU/CN.

Dracarys. Alliance Members Cover Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia Time zones.

We Recruiting all Timezone Corporation’s :grinning:

Here, You Don’t Have to Worry About Playing Alone Due to Time Zones.

We Welcome Friends From all Countries and Regions To Join Us and Work Together.

We Are Always Looking to Further Better The Things our Alliance can offer.

We Are Most Accomplished & Mature Alliance That Values Fun and Community and Real Life Always Comes First!

What we are looking for:

:ballot_box_with_check: PVP/Industry/Mining corporations.
:ballot_box_with_check: Willing to train into Alliance Doctrines
:ballot_box_with_check: Be fully authed with our services
:ballot_box_with_check: Participate when you can and support

As an alliance We offers access to :

:heart: Alliance / Coalition Large Fleet Battles (When we’re at war)
:heart: Coalition Faction Warfare Group
:heart: Coalition & Alliance SRP for Fleets and PVP
:heart: Coalition & Alliance Ship Replacement / Capitals SRP
:heart: Daily Alliance Home Defense Standing Fleets
:heart: Great Space For PVE With Good Index
:heart: Ally with other groups in our coalition to blap more stuff!
:heart: Access to Rigged Structures for Reactions, Industry , Research, Invention and Capital Industry
:heart: Moons rental program From R4 To R64
:heart: Public Moons with Low Tax
:heart: Teamspeak & Discord For Communication
:heart: Nullsec Fleets over our Coalition
:heart: great FCs team that run inclusive fleets
:heart: Roaming fun and social PvP fleets
:heart: Null-Sec region market
:heart: Logistics service
:heart: Becoming part of a Family Like Community
:heart: A community of committed and helpful players
:heart: Friendly and mature environment

Looking to Join Dracarys ?

Feel free to Contact Directly our Recruiter Officer In Game or In Discord or In our Public Channel Dracarys.Recuit.Diplo in Game :

USTZ: Jiashen yang - Discord: Shen#7934 - QQ: 285880043
EUTZ: Newboys - Discord: newboys0210
CNTZ: Gone With Windy - Discord: Gone With Windy#6860

Come Be Part of our Family


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Roaming Fleet :

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PVP Room :

We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!

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We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!