Enroll TODAY Imperium Cartel PvP/Industry Corp Looking for Null/High Sec Members

Imperium Cartel.

Cartel are recruiting those willing to live in Nullsec. We cater for all types of players be it NEW BROS and VETS alike. The ISK earning potential and content available in our space is limited only by you! We have all you require to get started in null, ship doctrine and skill trees to help you along your training journey.

Join our crew who will be more than happy to help you along the way, we are NEW BRO friendly We offer organized PVP as a corp, PVE, MINING and EXPLORATION for your own leisure .

For our PVP/PVE pilots we have doctrine ships ready fit and good to go all day.

For our indy guys we have R64 moons to mine orca/porp boosted to maximize your profits.

If your not ready for nullsec we have highsec/lowsec outposts available until your ready.

Our perks include and are not limited to:

-Ship Doctrine availability
-Competent Fleet Commanders
-Great PvE sites and isk earning potential
-Safe Low sec mining and protection Orca/Rorq/Porp Boosted
-Moon Mining (massive earning potential up to 100+m per hour)
-An active discord community
-Laid back community of newbros and seasoned vets alike
-Complementary exotic dancers available on request
Join our Discord and ask questions today I M P E R I U M - C A R T E L





Bump! Still looking for corps :slight_smile:

Looking for single players too?

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That we are yes you can look join Imperium Cartel or one of our member corps.

Bumping :slight_smile:

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Stll looking for active members.