EU/US C2 WH PVP - Whiteout Initiative


(Liam Europa) #1

Welcome friends!

Whiteout Initiative has opened recruitment up again for new membership!

Would you like to come and live in a C2 Wormhole with C3 and Highsec static connections where PvP is our primary focus, with the occasional PvE action taking place to boost the wallets?

If so? join our in-game public channel “WI Barracks” and hop on our Discord for more info!

About us and what we offer:
:snowflake: C2, with HS & C3 Statics
:snowflake: 0% Tax
:snowflake: Small gang fleets
:snowflake: Very friendly and easy going pilots
:snowflake: Great allies
:snowflake: Discord for OoG chat and pings
:snowflake: TS for Fleet Comms
:snowflake: Multi structure access
:snowflake: Pathfinder for mapping
:snowflake: New bro friendly

:snowflake: SeAT Registration
:snowflake: Discord
:snowflake: Teamspeak

(erg cz) #2

Whats that?

(Liam Europa) #3

It replaced the old API system to show you’re not a spy :stuck_out_tongue: