[EUTZ] Chilled player looking for WH home

Evening all,

On the lookout for a new, chilled WH corp to call home. I am an active EUTZ player and have plenty of experience in WH life that wants to blow stuff up and fleet up with a small bunch of like minded folks.

I have two characters, a combat main who can fly T3’s, HAC’s, Logi etc and a scanning alt who has indy skills to accompany.

Corp wise, looking for the following;

  • EUTZ - want to play with other people, have fleets when I’m on etc!
  • Low class - not interested in living in a C5/C6, cap blobbing doesn’t interest me.
  • Relaxed - I get enough hassle at work to put with!
  • Quality not quantity - Don’t have to have 200 members, small gang’s are the best I have flown with and the most rewarding.

Feel free to mail me any questions, either in game or here. Hope to hear off you soon!


Hey bud, sounds like you’d be a good fit for us.

We left the nullsec capital blob (had our titans and additional cancer) to head to C4 space, great subcapital brawls. Been playing together for years… only motive is to blow up spaceships. We have a fair EUTZ that usually bleeds into US East (our main TZ), so plenty of dudes to play with.

Quality over quantity has been our motto since day 1, we’re a 60 character corporation with 40 active on zKill weekly.

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