Eve Horizons Investor Group - Trillionaires of Tomorrow

(Cerberus Page) #1

Under the direct administration of Cerberus Page, founder and CEO of Eve Horizons Investor Group, the Department of Talent Acquisition has officially begun recruiting and training TA Officers.

What is a Talent Acquisition Officer?

  • recruitment specialist
  • authorized Eve Horizons contractor

What does a TA Officer do?

  • TA Officers are contractors that serve the Department of Talent Acquisition, a separate division of EH Enterprises, that focuses exclusively on recruitment.
  • Using the diverse, advanced strategies at their disposal, TA Officers headhunt around the universe new candidates, facilitating their path to becoming EH associates.

How do TA Officers get paid?

  • TA Officers get paid 100 MILLION ISK for each PLAYER (NOT ALT) that successfully passes the standard Eve Horizons probation period.

How do TA Officers ensure they get paid their 100 million ISK rate?

  • TA Officers can help recruits prepare for examination.
  • TA Officers are responsible for recruits until they graduate, hence they are their immediate supervisors.

How many associates does Eve Horizons Enterprises need?

  • We require 1000 unique players by the end of December for a total payout of 1,000,000,000,000 ISK.

Does Eve Horizons Enterprises provide training for their TA Officers?

  • Yes, we will train and support you each step of the way.

Cerberus Page, founder and CEO of Eve Horizons Investor Group

Senior Talent Acquisition Officer:

  • Leads a team of up to 50 Junior Talent Acquisition Officers.
  • Receive a 10% monthly bonus.
  • There are maximum 10 available positions.
  • Responsible to recruit Jr TAO and build their team.

Junior Talent Acquisition Officer:

  • Operates under a designated Senior Talent Acquisition Officer.
  • Can become a senior officer if they meet certain requirements.

Enlist today by mailing Cerberus Page.

(Cerberus Page) #3

Why are people poor in real life, or Eve for that matter?

Is it a question of bad luck? Of a bad dealt hand? No. It is simply a matter of knowledge.

  • Take any successful entrepreneur, strip them of all their assets, and leave them on the streets with only 100$ in their pocket. Within a year they will be earning more than 6 figures.

  • We will offer you real world strategies to enlist new recruits. All you need to do is apply them. It does not require any effort. For more information message Cerberus Page.

  • We will show you how to reach thousands of people, in less than an hour, using inexpensive but highly effective tools.

The primary cause of poverty is ignorance, and our corporate culture holds a zero tolerance policy for it. The more you learn, the more you earn!

(Beachura) #4

You’d have to forgive some players for perhaps wondering if this is some sort of financial scheme that takes advantage of those ‘Acquisition Officers’. One wonders if there’s any fine print to this.

(Francis Raven) #5

100 million fee to sign-up for the program, amirite?