Eve Industry Planner - Industry Job Management Application - v0.5.5 - Corp Industry Jobs

this is just impressive, amazing tool… ty very much for developing it.

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New Features:
Asset Library - similar to the blueprint library but displaying character assets.
Default Asset Location - A default display location for assets can be set on the settings page.
Shopping List - The shopping list can now include character assets in the calculations for required materials.
Upcoming Changes Page - Not currently visible, added in preparation for further Siege Green changes from CCP.
Watchlist Groups - Groups can be added and named for easier watchlist management.

Brokers fees are now manually calculated rather than using the imported ESI value. A default citadel brokers fee percentage has been added to the settings page.
Merge Jobs - The merge jobs function has been rewritten to merge all possible jobs from the selected jobs.
Add Ingredient Jobs - Updated to only create a child job if the material does not already have one.
Updated ESI Scopes - See Below

Bug Fixes:
Character portraits missing from blueprints in the library - fixed
Create All Jobs button on the resource panel does not add child jobs to parent-fixed
Hide blueprint library option from the side menu for logged out users - fixed
Prevent import of duplicate accounts - fixed

An additional ESI scope was needed to import the standings for the Brokers Fee calculation. Once this was added it was found that the linked accounts would fail to refresh with the updated scope. The application automatically removes these accounts when this happens causing the user to have to add these again. Because of this, I decided to add all of the possible scopes that may be needed in the future for the planned development work rather than users needing to re add the accounts again further down the line. At the point of writing this the only additional scope that is read is the esi-characters.read_standings.v1

Eve Uprising Expansion Updates Added


New Features:

Add Item Costs dialogue now has the option to import costs copied from the Multibuy page in game.

ESI Job Cards are now created for Invention Jobs

Corporation Industry Jobs belonging to characters included within the app are now imported from the ESI.

App Version Checking – More Below


Shopping List Dialogue now displays the estimated value of the items included.

Material Build Cost pop out now displays the total material cost as well as the material cost per item.

Merge Jobs option will no longer merge jobs that do not have any parent jobs.

Required Skills Panel now has a tooltip displaying the required level if the skill level has already been met.

Bug Fixes:


New Job Transactions panel not displaying transactions – Fixed

New watchlist item group select not resetting correctly – Fixed

Job Planner:

Merge Jobs function rebuilt – Already released

Deleting jobs not consistently removing the link in the parent job – Fixed

Add Ingredient Jobs would not create new child jobs consistently – Fixed

Time remaining styles on ESI job cards not constant across job types – Fixed

Edit Job Page:

Total Items Per Job Slot calculation was displaying incorrectly on initial creation - Fixed

Material Build Cost pop out causing app crash if linked child jobs were not previously removed correctly – Fixed

Clicking Parent Job chips would cause an app crash if the parent job had not been opened previously – Fixed

I was initially hoping to be able to include all these changes with the next big version update but there was preparation needed before those changes could be added so you are getting these early as they are already complete!

App Version Checking – This is not really a feature that most of you will come across or ever see but was a necessary edition. Previously when I have pushed updates and feature changes that have modified how the data is saved into the database, some users who had not refreshed their page to use the updated build were still able to request data from and submit data to the database causing a long list of issues resulting in data loss and hours of headaches for me as I attempt to rebuild all of their jobs.

Going forward the version mismatch will be highlighted to the user prompting them to refresh the page before any data can be requested or sent to the database.

On initial release any users still using the older version will find that their API requests are being rejected and will not be able to request any new job data, prices etc. Refreshing the page and using V0.5.5 will solve this problem. If it doesn’t, well we have a problem.