Eve Online Tutorial. Videos every 2 days


So I have been working with another player (Well ex player) of Eve Online to create a brand new tutorial that is on-going. We are covering lot’s and lot’s of content.

So how it’s done is that I play the game, record my gameplay and then give him the videos, to which he uses Sony Vegas to voice over and explain what is happening. You will see several videos where we are both chatting about what’s on screen. We are here to help new players.

Note: The audio in the first 11 videos of the tutorial is quiet, we did not realise until the 18th video was uploaded. So you will need to boost your sound and put headphones on. Video 12 onwards is fine for audio :slight_smile:

We hope you enjoy the videos, we don’t care about susbcribers, just drop a like if you find the videos helpful. Thanks guys and fly dangerous!

Tutorial (On-Going):

Channel Link:

Lot’s more Eve Online Playlists: The channel is jointly run by me (DemonGateUK) and Evo.

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New video is now up

New video has been uploaded, pt.43 (for some reason I cannot post a link) @ISD_Hazard

New video has been uploaded

New videos have been uploaded

Could a moderator please explain why we are unable to post videos about eve on our youtube channel to the forums anymore?? @ISD_Hazard

New videos uploaded

New videos are online, hope you enjoy