Me and another guy just logged 2+ alpha accaunts at same time, no bugs was used

proofs - https://i.imgur.com/ejChZTf.jpg

NEw update ccp?

Sometimes that just happens due to it not registering you logged and it won’t kick the other character off once its
in for some reason. I think its something to do with your wifi or and it taking thyme for it to tell the server you are logged in. I’ve had it happen and relogged to double check then it gave me the omega state message.

did you read all what i wrote?

Logging in multiple alpha accounts would be a violation of the EULA. I doubt that you not doing anything specific to cause the condition makes any difference.
10/10 for having the balls to discuss it publicly

You can even log in Alpha and Omega simultaneously. Previously, that was not possible on the same machine. You could log in to the character selection screen but if you clicked on a character to go further, the client would prevent you from doing so. It’s CCP’s fault that this is now possible for whatever reason.

I just did it again and now the client doesn’t even give me the Omega Needed splashscreen anymore. This is definitely working as intended.



Regardless of the client allowing it, as long as the EULA specifies it is not permitted, it’s an exploit to do it, and abusing exploits frequently leads to bans.

As stated in the Terms of Service, the correct way to report this behavior is via Support Ticket direct to CCP. Not telling everyone else about it on the forums.

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That it is happening does not mean it is intended.

The check CCP put in place may have failed but that does not make it approved.

If my neighbor leaves his front door open, that doesn’t make it legal for me to walk in and take his stuff.

Sarcasm is a thing, you know. After I just stated a number of issues, this statement obviously means that everything is alright. Obviously!

The correct way to report this is on the forums so that everyone knows that this is a thing and that there might be an issue with the system. Making people aware of issues is important.

Furthermore, CCP should clearly say that there is a problem with the system so that people know what’s going on and to not get themselves into trouble. Something as major as this that started to happen yesterday afternoon during their office hours necessitates clear and Swift communication. That the communication hasn’t taken place yet is unprofessional, especially since the use can have significant repercussions.

What surprises me is that I can’t find a reddit topic about it.


No, that just makes too much sense for CCP.

Just let people login with an Alpha and Omega at the same time, there is no need to be so restrictive CCP.
Especially with the account charge changes.

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if they really let that, i would make 100 alpha catalyst fleet or 100 mining rokhs

i made a post byt it got deleted cause my reddit acc is existing less than 2 days

Careful with sarcasm on the internet. People often are serious while they say the biggest nonsense on these forums so anyone who doesn’t know you might miss the sarcasm in your post.


No, limit it to one. One Alpha with one Omega running. I assure you better business for CCP if they make this change. It gives people the possibility to still play multiple accounts whilst some may not be able to afford to sub their accounts every month.

[11:52:07] CCP “BLURED”> 1) It was a bug because there was an issue with eve anywhere where if 2 people had alphas on the same cloud computer, it would restrict them, so they removed it from that but it broke it for the whole game, I don’t think they will change the alpha restrictions

The alpha restrictions are still embedded in the EULA. This is a technical issue that is currently being addressed by CCP.

I would like to point out that disregarding the login restrictions, as they are anchored in the EULA, may well lead to a ban of the corresponding accounts - and further discussions about the mechanics are expressly not welcome.