Fanfest 2022 - Skill Training/Attributes removal

Lol out of all things in eve you find the attributes complex?

That has a good chance of happening as well.

Well, I admit I find myself in this situation, I came to realize that the biggest excitement I get from EVE is learning skills, knowing I could fly more stuff (regardless if I do or not) and pretty much acting as a collector.
Implants are of course a big part of it, I am always in my +5 learning clone with an Cerebral Accelerator running, this however has a huge drawback: I’m not doing anything else in the game.

Because I want to train fast I want to minimize my time without implants, but at the same time I don’t want to lose them as they are expensive, the solution to that is complete risk aversion. PvP is absolutely out of the question and while running incursions I regret having to use +4 implants only.

I am probably not alone in this, and in the end having players like that doesn’t help the game as a whole, we have to recognize that players logging in to watch the skill tree, doing the daily skilling spree because even 2500SP ■■■■ yeah, and then spinning the ship in station is not something that helps with player retention.
On the other hand I love how the Cerebral Accelerator works, it is a consumable but by persisting through death it doesn’t conflict with risky activities

I figured that my time online doing dangerous things is insignificant compared to the time I’m offline or online doing safe things.

So any time I’m going on a fleet or doing something that might involve pod death, I just swap out of my training clone.

Some numbers:

Let’s say I’m playing two hours a day (which is rather high for me now, but I’ve had days with more EVE time) and spend about half of that doing dangerous things: 60 minutes a day, or 1/24th of my total daily training time.

Next, with +5s and optimal remap you’re training 45 SP/min. Without implants with same remap you’re training at 37.5 SP/min.

So, I’m training at ‘only’ (1/24 x 37.5 + 23/24 x 45)/45 = 99.3% of my maximum capacity by swapping out of my training implants when I’m about to do dangerous stuff, rather than 100% when I just stay docked and do no dangerous stuff at all because of potentially lost SP.

@Lodemai are you really staying docked and avoiding dangerous stuff for 0.7% more daily SP?

Personally, I don’t think that’s worth it.

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Yes I do that too, but I feel like I’m limiting my activities much more I should to enjoy the game, the fear of missing out enjoyable parts of the game fights with the fear of missing out on progression, but in a way that it is not an interesting choice

Your numbers are based on 50% of 2 hours a day. In my case it could be up to 100% of 6 hours a day.
Now, to be fair I don’t just stay docked, but still try to avert as much as possible riskier situations in a way that blocks me from experiencing all parts of the game, because those little more SP are just so much more important than trying out solo pvp (or whatever else)

Also, to sum it up, numbers always tell the truth, but people seldomly make their choices on numbers but rather on their irrational feelings. My feeling about training implants is that they pigeon-hole me (and possibly other players) in a conservative playstyle that doesn’t benefit the community as a whole

Unfortunately (from this viewpoint) I don’t see them removing the training implants.
I expect what they will do is convert them to a flat SP/hour gain.
I think it might be better if they were replaced with non-SP implants, but I can’t see them doing it.

I use +4 with effects in H-sec.
Pvp requires a different implant set for me so I switch to a clone with more “suitable” implants.

I’m not convinced for the need of risk aversion.


You misunderstood the video and the plan. Skill points will still passively accumulate in the same way, you just get to choose which skills they go into after the fact, rather than before. Instead of queing up specific skills that your daily skill gains go into, you get the daily skill gains first, then decide where to put them.

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Exactly, that also removes the jarring (for newbies) difference between SP over time through training but applied during that training, and unallocated SP (from whatever source). The latter is actually easy to explain than the former.

In daily gameplay it changes absolutely nothing for older players BUT it allows newbies TIME to learn more about what they want to spend their SP on other than “just train something right now, anything, even though I don’t know what”.

(It also makes skill injectors easier to digest, surely just an unintended side effect).

What will happen to implants? Will we get anything for our clones containing plugged in valuable(isk) implants with the removal?