[February] Upwell 2.0 - Test Server Feedback

I found a list of slash commands for SiSi. But I dont see one for speeding up anchoring time. Is there such a command?

Is the moon ores on the test server in highsec completely random? Found some chromite in a 0.5 moon and i dont know if that is supposed to be realistic att all.

I understand that the moons need randomized materials so people cant find the best moons on the test server and insta nab all the good things. but i do wish that the moons contained ores that are realistic to what could be found in that area of space

I just dont wanna think i can find R16 moon ore in highsec when i maybe accualy cant

No silly. They may contain little pebbles of R4 stuff if any.

Since goon-bots are only programmed to farm anomalies with 24/7 routines, the t2 materials are not being mined - you know the thing you have to warp to and actually sit in a barge to collect the moon-poo.
All of this is beneath the poor dullsec inhabitants, so there you go 500 million recons and 5 million isk light guns - weeeh

Is it gonna be possible to find ABC ores in the highsec moons? just need this info confirmed

Can we please remove the perpetual “vulnerable” verbiage as well as lighting effect on Upwell Structures? Since the shield will be perpetually vulnerable, does it make sense to always say it is? Maybe reserve the orange lighting for when the structure is actually under attack?

Just check new reinforce at raitaru:
Reinforcement time was set at 22:00. As say dev blog :“randomly up to two hours (± 2 hours)”. How calculate this two hours? 22:00-23:00 - its first hour and 23:00-24:00 its the second ? Coth i hit my raitaru and next time reinforce will be 24:18 - and its more then two hours from set time (22:00)

Thanks for the report. That does seem unexpected to me, could you submit a bug report with the details of your structure and when this occurred?

Edit: To clarify with your primetime set to 22:00 you structure should exit reinforcement between 20:00-24:00

Sry. My fail. I checked it not from eve time :scream: Its correct reinforce time.
But calendar dont have note about reinforcement state. Will be in future info about citadels reinforcement ?

A couple of problems I noticed on Sisi while testing out a burner fit. First of all, I was getting some rather irritating sound interference (popping/crackling) every time I was warping off grid with the camera zoom midway or close up. This also happened when zooming out to the furthest point, regardless of if I was warping or not.

Another was some very generous bestowals of storyline missions. After completing the burner I wanted to try out, I got a storyline from the agent in station… only to receive a new mission from a different storyline agent every 5 minutes on the dot for a good 20, 25 minutes until I had 5+ offered. That seems awfully generous if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone from CCP notices this (hopefully!), the bug reports are EBR-143236 and EBR-143237 respectively.

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