Fly With The D.A. (Actively recruiting, looking for industrialists and explorers)

Dystopian Angels

What we offer:

  • Free New Bro Ships

  • Constant PvP Operations and Black Op’s

  • Experienced Fleet Commanders and All Time Zone activity

  • Industrialists for your PvE and Indy needs

  • Wormhole Diving for your Exploration itch

  • Rich systems and lucrative income methods

What we’re looking for:

  • Weekly Active Players

  • New Bro’s or Veterans Welcome

  • Alpha and Omega are accepted

  • Willingness to Learn and Show Initiative

  • Social Corp and regular activity via Discord and in game

  • Training Provided for anything, just ask, we’re close-knit and on the smaller side, we’ve experienced industrialist and theory crafters.

About Us:

We’re a small close - knit Corporation that’s based on a care free, but group aligned mindset, meaning we’ll have goals we all want to achieve, and help one another get them, we understand IRL can be a dick sometimes, so if things happen, let us know in advance if you can, if not, leave a DM.

What to expect when you join:

  • Camaraderie is an absolute must, please also bring dark humor and drinks.

  • Focused on achieving more, PvP and Industry geared

  • We’re part of the CLDEX Alliance, currently lowsec and highsec based, aiming for Null.

  • Prefer Small Gang with the crew over large sized fleet fights

  • We like anime? And meme’s?

  • Mixed ages 16 - 60yrs old players, male and female

Our Zkill: Dystopian Angels | Corporation | zKillboard (we’re still learning)

Recruitment is open, and zkill is looking juicy, got a nice kill a short while ago.

Hoping to get some new bro’s along on fleets to learn.