French returning player looking for alliance (got my own corp)

Hey there fellow caps,

I’m Ben (aka Dave Cohen in game), french, returning to EVE after two years of absence (work, moving abroad, etc.).

I play 4 accounts simultanously, my main has 61M SP, can fly a bunch of shiny ships (Orca, Iteron V, Raven, all miners/exhumers, etc.) and I’m looking for an alliance that would allow me to:

  • do full pro planetary interaction (I’m rainman for these things when it comes to maxing out efficiency and profit)
  • learn a bit more about fighting/pew pew
  • have fun, laugh and work in a group

I don’t necessarily look for people speaking french since I’m talking english only each and everyday at work and at home but I won’t discourage french people from inviting me either ;-p.

I’m a one man corp cause it helps a lot with handling and hauling stuff, you know, so I’m really looking for an ally, not another corp to join.

Also, my game time is EU between 8pm and 1am, not everyday for that long since I have a life (sorry about that).

Been playing since January 2009 by the way so almost ten years, yeay!




Hey Ben,

You interested in joining us out in lowsec Solitude?

We’re a smaller alliance that is mostly pvp focused but we also do some industry and Solitude is a great area for PvE in general. Our group is primarily English speaking but we do have several French Canadians including our CEO. I think we’d be able to provide you with a good EVE experience and if you intend to grow your corp we’ll help if we can.

Convo Arctanis in game or join our public chat Open Filth. I’ll send you a mail later but feel free to check out our killboard and our corp recruitment post.

The alliance would be Arson Industries

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