Group of friends looking for active WH corp

Hey guys,

Me (120m SP) and three (140m, 73m, 25m SP) of my friends are returning to Eve after a 3-year hiatus. We’re looking for an active WH corp for PvP. Three of us are WH veterans, while our lowest SP buddy is fairly new to them, but we can show him the ropes.

We are US TZ. Three of us are capital pilots. The only pet peeve we have against a prospective WH corp is when they have overly complicated bookmarking naming systems and mandating that pilots declare ‘blue fire’ when entering/leaving a wormhole.

Hey Eddi, might be a good fit for us :slight_smile:

We’re PvP focused, plenty of content in USTZ. A lot of microgang and hunting, been playing together for years. Most of our guys are 100-200m SP+ and we have a couple newbros that we’re teaching.

We live in a C4, and have neither of your pet peeves.

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