Guys looking for nullsec corp/alliance

the problem with eve :stuck_out_tongue:

having more then a few active members (bad experiences about that)


accept if we wont do pvp any day (no isk, no pvp)


own more then „a few“ nullsec systems and offer them for usage


offer some JF-service in null


allow members to rat in carriers or mine in fleets or rorquals, and offer docking possibilities. (At least for caps, super would be non-plus-ultra, but not a „must have“)

all check

offer „safe“ systems to use above described capital-activities. We know, safe is never safe. But as save as possible due to surrounding blues, good intel channel(s), and standing fleet / support in case of tackle or hotdrop.

all check

We know there is no “safe” in eve - except docked or offline :stuck_out_tongue:
But, for example, owning more then 3 Systems, having allies nearby / around, accessing a nice intel-channel and having a few other members in same fleet is kinda “safe” compared to owning 1 or 2 systems, having no allies, having no intel, and not enough members for a emergency-fleet :slight_smile:

not really a pvper are you :wink:

o7 Kaelen_Mosar

May i contact you ingame next 4-5 hours for some further information / questions?

Eve mail posted o7


come talk to me in discord if you want to learn about everything test has to offer via Right Click Jump To - RCJT.

discord link: or DM me rangerwolfy#4987

Try us out. Trust me, you will find everything and even more here. Don’t bother yourself with other alliances, LORDE is a best place.
Poke me via discord - Glorfindeil#2642 or mail me in game

Hey, I have sent a piece of in-game mail with more information and all of your points answered. I look forward from hearing back from you.

Whether he is or isn’t is totally irrelevant. Whatever you are, you aren’t any better than anyone else.

Most people playing the game don’t make their money through PvP. They make it through PvE. That includes ‘elite’ PvP’ers.

Maybe this guy needs to be in a position to make ISK before he can PvP, and he can’t very well do that in a failed corp/alliance situation with cloaky campers and hot drops everywhere. Or maybe he likes sitting around all day drilling lasers into asteroids and killing rats, and doing nothing else but that. What’s it to you?

the point is a. he doesnt actually want to pvp and b. he doesnt actually want to pvp; i know it looks like i repeated myslef but i thought it was such a poignant point it was worth mentioning twice.

What he and his corp wants is to rat and mine all day and occasionally join a fleet; so basically goons… or brothers on tangra…

If you want to play with no risk; except many of these larger alliances will expect them to do something… so probably brothers of tangra is for the op.

Did you even read my text? Dont Think so.

Thats clearely a “we-want-to”, but need some support to get into it.
Go away, troll somewhere else.


Hit me up then we can work with you. Lots of vets with us willing to help teach. Plus all of test is around so more opportunities to get better.

Discord rangerwolfy#4987

A) You don’t know what he wants, because you don’t know him. Period. Full stop.

B) Even if he doesn’t want to PvP, that’s between him and whatever corp/alliance he involves himself in.

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im going by the facts he has presented on this page, if your missing those facts i have some bad news for you…

What him and his corp want is a place to mine and rat, and he should be honest about it, not throw false statements about and then not follow through.

I am a member of a Corp that may fit you very well but I’m not a recruiter. We have very good space -1.0 that is very quiet. Seiged Rorqs, super ratting, great PI. We are 2 jumps from the base of operations for the alliance jump freighter service and we work very closely with them (joint comms, standing fleet for emergency response). We also have an ice mining system connected to our home system by jump bridge. A sotiyo with market hub installed, rigged sotiyo for cap construction, rigged tatara, 3 clone bays and 6 moons to mine. Members from all over the globe, very low requirements. Mail me and I can put you in touch with the right people.

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feel free to hit us up

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