HASHASHIN CARTEL looking for new corps/members for pvp fun!

HASH is an NPC null alliance based in Great Wildlands.

  • Experienced FCs
  • ESS bank robbery
  • Filament roams
  • Local isk making opportunites
  • Small/Medium fleet action
  • We don’t blue half the univers so we can shoot all of it
  • Go hunting in all of the big game reserves near the region

If you or your corp is looking for a place to call home where the fun and gun playstyle is what you want then look no further.

Join our in-game recruitment channel “HASH Recruitment” or mail/convo me directly if you are interested.

If your corp is looking to grow and get involved in all types of pvp activities join up.

We’re here to shoot ships and shoot the ■■■■

We’re looking for some pvpers to fill our ranks

Looking for corps and members

Now is the time to be a neutral in the universe and kill everyone else. Join today.