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I am a seven-year-old veteran player who has been living in Syndicate for a while. Sadly, my current corp, one that I have been with almost with my entire Eve career and where I have many friends, has become extremely inactive. So in order to continue enjoying the game, I have to look elsewhere for the pew pew.

I’m looking for an active corp in null-sec that has more of a laid-back, but adult attitude. I’m USTZ and am not opposed to an alliance as long as corp is okay with me not always being able to make CTA’s. Mostly I am in it to have a good group of laid-back adults who also act like it and GF in fights.

Ready, set, go! Feel free to send me an in-game message as well.


Sounds like you’d be a good fit for us.

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We would love to talk more in game on our channel FREAS.Public if you are interested in what you see

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TSSOC, a proud member in TEST

going over 10 years, and still growing. We are a laid back, no BS corp

Offering all aspects of Null life, come check us out

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Rebels and Renegades is a EU/USTZ corp in Warped Intentions.

Rebels and Renegades is a pvp corp run by a group of like minded older players in eve. Our goals are to be a competent corp in small scale pvp, Blops, and Alliance/Coalition level fleets. We have multiple FCs in our corp / alliance / Coalition. Who will supply you with plenty of fleets. If you are well trained and interested in pvp, from small scale up to large scale, you will fit perfectly in. That being said, we all have a real life and we understand if you have one too.

We offer

  • 0.0 PvP

  • EU, US timezone

  • small, medium and large scale pvp

  • high skilled and experienced members.

  • we help each other with everything in the game

  • awesome logistic service for direct supply from Jita to our home space, from alliance services

  • Corp Discord and alliance Mumble.

What we expect:

  • at least 10m skillpoints

  • 0.0 and pvp experience is not a must, but nice to have

  • FAX and Dread alts is always good to have.

  • We expect our pilots to be able to follow instructions from the FC.

  • learning abilitiy (nobody is perfect)

We do not claim to be better than others, but we shoot much more than we lose, and we have fun while doing so.

Join our Discord if you are interested in talking with a recruiter Discord

Or check out our Website

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