Homeless UKTZ 152m SP Pilot. Possibly returning soon

Considering returning to the game and wanting to see what is out there. I left just before the changes to Carrier’s fighters so will need to research what is expected on capitals as they look to have changed a lot since I last played. I am trained in pretty much every subcap to a good level so I can jump into practically any doctrine you throw at me. I have 2 alt accounts specced heavily into industry. From the top of my head I can run ~70 T2 production jobs at any one time. This is my main form of income as it is pretty passive and it means I can make some sick spreadsheets. Typically look to provide ship packages to where my main is based in the past.

Looking at Nullsec or Lowsec. Highsec is off limits due to my horrid sec status. Never done wormholes.

I will need a corp that is pretty laid back on engagement/commitment. My work has me working away a lot so I can disappear from the game week or two at a time. Most of the time I can still log in on the work laptop but undocking is unlikely to happen. Last thing I want is someone shouting at me to undock when I am basically just checking in. Ideally located not to far from Black Rise as that is where my cap ships are and moving across the galaxy is now :effort:.

Account 1 Main (this char)

  • 152m SP
  • Can fly pretty much all subcaps to a good level
  • Gall capitals, but can cross train to others easily

Account 2 Main

  • Freighter/Jump Freighter
  • Industrial specced (can practically build anything)

Other chars spread across Accounts 1, 2 & 3

  • Cov Ops alt
  • Minm spec PVP alt (close to capitals-ish)
  • 2nd Freighter alt
  • Generic cyno alts

Nexis. is taking on new pilots!

Even if you are an experienced wormholer or want to try wormhole for the first time we are the corp for you!

We are a pvp based multi timezone corp with a long heritage in wormhole space!

Join our public channel and have a chat!

See you in space

If you change your mind and want to try out wormholes Doin It Wrong might be a good home for you: [C5 WH PVP] Doin It Wrong is recruiting PVP Pilots!

Hey there. Check us out, we might be right up your street. We have several UK pilots along with a sizeable group from other TZ’s. Have a read of our advert and send us a mail if you like what you see.

Unity of Suns

Sounds like corp awesome would be ideal for you. We are mainly UK timezone and certainly “laid back on engagement/commitment”. We have opportunities in both low and null sec for you to try out a few different things and see what you enjoy.

here you can find what we offer


Welcome back to the game. It sounds like a familiar story for many of us at MASS. Some of us are returning members of MASS, looking to start up this once glorious corp to its former might, while others are former members of Stain Alliance, which MASS founded while others are returning players looking for a new challenge.

In the past year since MASS has been reformed we’ve been lucky enough to become part of Mercenary Collation, so there’s always something going on and we are always out looking for a fight. We are one of the oldest and in old school circles, most well known corps out there.

If you fancy becoming a part of eve history, then get in touch.

Here’s a link to our recruitment post.


Hey Mortalits, Welcome Back to EvE!

My Corp. Quantum Star Conglomerate is a relatively small corp, but we are growing fast. It is perfectly understandable if you’re job keeps you busy, and we wont ask you to call out of work to come on a roam or any of that nonsense. As long as when you are around you fly with us and talk in teamspeak, and we also have a Slack channel, which we use to talk out of game, Which could be nice for you as you can stay in contact if you’d like even when you cant get online for a while.

We also have a very robust buyback system, where we will buy any ores, salvage, Ice, PI, or minerals from you at a very good price, so you can both support the corp by doing the industry you like, as well as get paid fast and have good people to mine with if you have any desire, I notice you didnt mention that for any of your accounts. We also have an advanced industrial team that builds everything up to and including Capital ships and Citadel structures, so you might enjoy working with us in that respect.

We currently live in Providence, which is good for industry as theres little chance of being evicted. However we plan on moving to deeper nullsec after lifeblood to take advantage of the new moon mining.

If I’ve piqued your interest at all, feel free to go over to my “official” post to get any details i may have left out, im on my lunch break so im rushing this post a bit. You can respond to me in that post, this one, or evemail me or message me on the forum, which would allow me to respond to you while Im working.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I hope to fly with you soon after o7

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