HS Corp +WH PVP/PVE - Very Newbro friendly

There are a lot of corps out there and we all do a lot of the same things, so I am going to focus on what makes us different. I believe in the concept of servant leadership and run the corp with these ideas in mind. A servant leader is one who helps his people and treats them as equals. I am not here to get rich off of your backs, I am here to help you become the best player that you can be through both teaching and learning from our fine corp members.

We have a strong focus on WH PVP and ice mining with fleets running daily. We are open to other activities, and have people that do exploration, missions, and light industry.

We will support most any other activity and are looking for leaders in other areas of the games. The people I promote show a willingness to serve others, teach, and treat people well. They are proactive about taking on leadership roles without being prompted.

Our WH PVP group is a lot of fun and we are willing to train new people from scratch. We train people to do all aspects of WH PVP including scouting, solo hunting, group hunting, fleet command, and other roles. We make well rounded PVPers that are confident to fly small gang or make solo kills, even if they are very new. We share loot from fleet kills with our active people, even if they miss out on a big kill, so long as they are generally active.

With the changes that EVE is going through we realize that we need to focus more on PVP capable people, even if their primary activity is PVE. So you must be willing to train into and learn to PVP at some point. This isnt a high pressure demand, but you would be letting down the corp if you refuse to train at some point.

Our kill board is never going to be perfect, and if it is, then we are failing. Real PVP means losses, real losses. The day that we are just losing crap ships for arranged PVP is the day that the corp is dead. We are looking for real good fights.

-HS PVE including mining, missions, abyssals and more. Do whatever you want to make money. If you are good at it and show leadership, I will promote you with the above considerations.
-WH ops and training, both PVE and PVP
-NS exploration and PVP roams, small gang
-Fun and friendly people. Big egos and bad attitudes are not allowed.
-Discord for coms
-No call to arms or mandatory PVP
-Relaxed and “real life” first atmosphere
-Adult oriented corp, childish behavior is not welcome
-EU and early US timezone

Please join our chat channel “Tickle Fights” to chat with us. Contact Veshna Wildsun, Antaria Wildsun, or Garret Fix for more information or to join.

Thanks so much for looking,
Veshna Wildsun

-We were a dual corp, but just combined corps and rolled our PVP corp into our HS corp. Our killboard is absolute garbage. This will change.

-You can also join if you are fun, hilarious, and social. Just don’t be annoying.

Still recruiting.

I joined this corp recently. I would say its a very good group we have going. There are pvp vets showing us how its done and at the same time very welcoming to new and returning pilots looking for a place to call home. These people are going to help whatever your career path is.

Thank you so much Coritnia, we are very happy to have you with us and I am glad that you like the corp.

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Still recruiting.

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