I am currently seeking for casual corp


I’m currently looking for casual and relaxing corp. I know it is not much but I enjoy play EVE for fun.

Few thing you might need to know about me;

I’m deaf so… Thus voice comm. is impossible for me. It is unfortunately for me limit to choose right corp. Sorry about that.

I prefer PvE, Mining and make stuff. Since EVE considered as mainly PvP game, I not really mind to try PvP but not often as I want to, aware about don’t fly when not afford to cover current ship which I understand. Of course I will die in space eventually. Quick note, no pirate corp.

So far I like mining and make things, planning to fight npc as currently taking career path.

While I prefer High-sec area, I not mind to look at some corp where is low, Null and Wormhole. I not know much about Wormhole but maybe at one point eventually learn new thing.

I’m in US TZ: CST

I not mind to give full api for corp in case if they request.

Umm… I hope it is everything… Feel free ask me via in-game mail or reply here.

Thanks for your time and have a fly safe. o7

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Hi Ray,

My group is looking for more players. We are a bunch of PVE types. Here’s our forum post Blacksteel Mining and Manufacturing welcoming new members

Seek no more.

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Hello again,

I’m still looking for corp. Thanks for your time!

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we are currently looking for new members

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Hello again,

While I keep looking, I give one more day then done with it.

Thanks for your time and have a fly safe! o7

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Howdy! Check us out, we have assisted deaf players before and have created a mini on boarding process specifically to help those that need a little extra support in your area. We can also help you to set up a visual intel program that will help you see when enemies are approaching or in system so you can dock up and keep safe in between your PvE and building. We also have all blue prints in the game, so if you need a copy of anything for building we are happy to create a copy of any of our blue prints to help you move ahead in industry. We also have discord and many channels loaded with information to support you in your journey. Things can get spicy out here in Null Sec but we will help to support you in anyway that we can. There is always an answer available in game or in discord at anytime. :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you.

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Hey Ray

Have a read of this

We’re a high sec mining corp, that does other bits and bobs too. Nothing is mandatory, play how and when you want to.

We have regular fleets, buy back, usual stuff. New player friendly too, ships, skills, mods, advice, to get you up and running.

If you wan’t more info, get in touch :slight_smile:

Private Chat / Mail: Type Blue
In Game Chat: Hive Industries Inc

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