[I-RED] Ishukone-Raata Public Financial Release: June YC119

[I-RED] Ishukone-Raata Public Financial Release: June YC119

Syndicate Region
MK7-A0 Constellation | XS-XAY Solar System
XS-XAY Reppola Logistic Support | Ishukone-Raata Mobile Headquarters

The following is a public financial release regarding economical details for June YC119.

Jump Clone Activation Fee: 1,058,000.00 (1.05 Million)
Jump Clone Installation Fee: 404,000.00 ISK (404.00 Thous)
Market Transactions: 21,461,977,454.15 (21.46 Billion)

Black Rise Regional: 0.00 (0.00 Million)*
Placid Regional: 240,000,000.00 (240.00 Million)
Syndicate Regional: 1,610,045,750.00 (1.61 Billion)
The Citadel Regional: 666,000.00 (666.00 Thous)
The Forge Regional: 19,500,265,704.15 (19.50 Billion)
Contract Profits: 111,000,000.00 (111.00 Million)
*Information corrupt, unable to obtain data.

Miscellaneous: 15,413.00 (15.41 Thous)
Office Rental Fee: 16,262,000.00 (16.26 Million)
Planetary Customs: 153,239,097.00 (153.23 Million)

Total Revenues: 21,632,955,964.15 (21.63 Billion)

Broker’s Fee: 84,814,221.00 (84.81 Million)
Contract Price Payment: 4,331,512,900.00 (4.33 Billion)
Market Escrow: 6,370,908,321.00 (6.37 Billion)
Transaction Tax: 213,509,775.00 (213.50 Million)
Operating Expense: 6,768,271,191.00 (6.76 Billion)

Total Cost of Sales: 17,769,016,408.00 (17.76 Billion)

GROSS MARGIN: 3,863,939,556.15 (3.86 Billion)

Alliance Maintenance Fee: 12,000,000.00 (12.00 Million)
Courier Fee: 41,000,000.00 (41.00 Million)
Office Rental Fee: 26,387,621.00 (26.38 Million)
Contract Reward Deposited: 10,000,000.00 (10.00 Million)

Total Cost of Expenses: 89,387,621.00 (89.38 Million)

OPERATING INCOME: 3,774,551,935.15 (3.77 Billion)

Operation Grey Steel© Purchases: 0.00 (0.00 Million)
Dividend Payout/Federation: 0.00 (0.00 Million)

Total Investments Revenue: 0.00 (0.00 Million)

Operation Grey Steel©: 781,550,000.00 (781.55 Million)

Total Investments Expense: 781,550,000.00 (781.55 Million)

INVESTMENTS INCOME: -781,550,000.00 (-781.55 Million)

An in depth report will be provided at a later date. Due to the corruption of data as previously mentioned with the Black Rise Regional Market, a loss of formatting for our reports took place.


Look at you making this in-depth thing. Sometimes I forget to eat breakfast in the morning.


I like I-RED’s margins to be fat and I like you to be thin so everybody just keep doing what you are doing.


About 4 billion, eh? Looks like that’s about a 20% profit margin. Pretty good…

Does Ishukone-Raata focus more on sector-based investing, or on financial fundamentals-based investing? Or something else?

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Sadly Mr Galente, we cannot go into details on investments or market techniques. At least on a public forum like the IGS.


I’m pleased to see I-RED’s efforts continue to bring in healthy profits.

Can I ask for confirmation of the Placid figures provided? There appears to be a disparity between the revenue figure given in full, and its abbreviation, compared to rest of the report:


It has since been edited. Thank you for pointing out the discrepancy. When pulling the reports from the previous month, I failed to edit the abbreviation.


Once again, Ishukone-Raata Financial Releases make great breakfast reading material.


I-RAT takes better care of my wallet than I do.