Indy Pilot looking for US Corp

Hello All,

75 mil SP Indy pilot looking for a home. I have a lot of experience with Wormhole space. Near max indy skills with ability to build T3 Dessies and Cruisers. Rorqual capable. Specced heavily into caldari pvp.

I’m looking for a quieter corp that isn’t always looking to PVP. I’m happy to help in home defense but I’m not looking for too much war deccing. Let me know if you have any need for help on the indy side. Perfect reaction skills as well.

Hey Templar,

I could use a guy like you and would love a chat. Ill send you a contact in game

Check us out at Mischief Marauders Recruitment Page and hit up our public channel in game “Marauders Pub” or our Discord. Hope to hear from you.


I need indy pilots for UNKSO

Hi Templar,

Sounds like we might be a good home for you, will message you in-game

Correct link:

You sound like someone just right for Of Tears and ISK! we’re a mining and Indy corp that works in both HS and WH space. We feed an alliance market that we work on maintaining in a C5. Hit us up to chat!

Shoot me a note in-game , would love to chat.


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